Greyline Performance is a USA-based boutique, custom radio antenna communication systems design and engineering firm actively solving complex problems by developing mission critical, high-performance, robust, and quick-deploy RF antennas solutions for the various professions within the military, government, intelligence, emergency management, and defense industries

The Greyline Performance team has designed and manufactured custom antenna systems from HF to UHF for Homeland Security, HFT (high-frequency trading), to remote data collection needs (IoT).

Whether soldiers requiring mission critical antennas on their body or rugged terrain needs on vehicles - that actually work - to complex antenna problems requiring real world engineering experiences beyond what modern software design alone might provide, we aim high to keep antennas from shattering under rotor wash, for example. Greyline Performance maintains the know-how and history to solve the most complex problems your team may encounter.

Past and on-going Projects for Government Agencies, DOD, International Embassies, Military and Intelligence Communities. Commercial, Corporate, Financial Brokerage, Humanitarian, NGO, National Security, Law Enforcement and Fire for City, County and State agencies. Satellite and Earth Stations, EME (Earth-Moon-Earth), Maritime, Railroad, Land, Sea and Mobile, Broadcast, Scientific, University, Amateur Radio and others.



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