ATD-2, lightning protection, static bleed, surge arrestor, rf surge, protection, static discharge
ATD-2, lightning protection, static bleed, surge arrestor, rf surge, protection, static discharge
ATD-2, lightning protection, static bleed, surge arrestor, rf surge, protection, static discharge
ATD-2, lightning protection, static bleed, surge arrestor, rf surge, protection, static discharge

ATD Lightning and RF Surge Protection for the DX Flagpole Antenna

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You've asked for premium protection. Now, protect Your Remote Auto-Tuner and HF Radio Station with a Premium Quality ATD Auto-Tuner Disconnect that includes Static Discharging in our ATD-2 Product.

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An Antenna Tuner Disconnection system, in this case, an RF Surge Arrestor and Lightning Protection, including Static Discharge, otherwise known as Static Bleed remains a smart and popular option with our DXV and DX Flagpole vertical antennas in areas where electrical storms are common. We all know nothing can protect from a direct lightning hit but this is a comforting next level of mitigation for many radio operators and station owners.

How does it work?

The ATD-2 power system flips a relay, shunting at the ATD-2, to ground when the system is not in use. This relay requires 12VDC to enable the relay and connect the Greyline DX Flagpole's connections.
Some of our customers report tapping the 12V (100ma) signal supplied from the remote tuner.

Another option is to use our Bias-T Master product. This Bias-T can power the ATD-2 plus your favorite remote tuner. As an option, it may be possible to tap your remote tuners 12VDC output and power the Remote Tuner and the ATD-2 (you'll need to consult your tuner specs). This allows you to power the ATD-2 over your feedline coax.

The ATD-2 is placed between the DXV or DX Flagpole and your Remote Tuner. You can connect via Ladder Line or Coaxial Connector.   


A DIY Toggle switch option is to flip the relay from the shack. This would require 12VDC to enable the relay and connect the Greyline DX Flagpole's connections by burying an underground low-voltage lightning wire, available from big box stores, and provide the 12V DC from either your station power supply when you turn it on or from a wall wart. This can be built with a small box and toggle switch. 


You’ve spent a lot of money on that remote auto-tuner and your station. When bad weather threatens, nothing protects your auto-tuner better than a hard ground at the auto-tuner output. But how do you do this unless you go outside and disconnect and ground the auto-tuner output when it is not in use? The answer is the ATD-2 Vertical Antenna & Auto-Tuner Disconnect, which automatically grounds the antenna feed point and auto-tuner output when the DC control voltage to the unit is disconnected.  

The DC control voltage may be supplied via the BIAS-T MASTER, through a separate DC connection, or by tapping the 12V DC output from your favorite remote tuner.

The DPDT relay used in the ATD-2 has 3.1 kV of gap and arc capability, which means that the ATD-2 can be used with full legal limit feeding antennas with an SWR of 60:1. So there is no need to worry about ATD-2 arc-over into the worst loads presented to your remote auto-tuner. The ATD-2 is perfect for protecting your remote auto-tuners.

ATD-2 Specifications:

  • Frequency coverage: DC-50 MHz 
  • Input: Single Wire or Coaxial Cable
  • Input power:  5 kW CW/SSB/RTTY
  • Power supply: Nominal DC + 12 V   (11.5-14 V DC)
  • Relay current: 125 mA
  • NEMA 4X Junction box 4" x 4" X 2" (101 mm x 101 mm x 63.5 mm)
  • 20+ kV Rated

Two screws on either side for the latter line. Inside is the relay, GDT's, Resistors, and DC blocking caps. A ground screw is included for attachment of the ground rod for shorting the Antenna when not in use. Weep holes are on the bottom and side for your optional mounting position.

Can be powered over coax using our Bias Tee Master
to avoid additional cabling by using the coaxial cable to send the 12 V DC to the ATD-2.

Two units needed one for DC injection and one for DC extraction. 

Again, note that the ATD-2 can be used with a separate coax or by using the Bias Tee product. See our Premium Quality Bias-T Master to learn more, here:

It breaks the HOT lead going to the vertical. The ground is not used in this product. The ground of the coax shield would be jumpered around the ATD-2.  Useful for our DXV and DX Flagpole antenna-system designs (and our requirement to "float" the antenna system).

The ATD-2 is Fed through your (one) coaxial cable feedline with a Bias "Tee", through separate cabling, or from the 12V DC from your favorite Remote Tuner.

Our Bias-T (1 amp model) will also drive many of the popular remote tuners on the market today with its 12VDC. That means we can control both the Remote Tuner and the ATD-2 with the Bias-T Master
The ATD-2 draws ~100ma of current, similar to many of the Remote Tuners on the market so if you are handy you can tap the 12VDC output of the Tuner as well.
Lastly, to be clear, our Bias-T Master can power both the Remote Tuner and the ATD-2 bypassing voltage to both units without grounding issues or blocking voltages. Some Remote Tuners may cause this conflict.
Please let us know if you have any questions. 
Soon, you too will be on the air with DX confidence just like many happy customers. See our RF Blog for Stories from the Field and our FAQ pages for more info.
Remember, have fun and pass it on!
73 Greyline Performance
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