KF9BD Reviews Greyline 20' DX Flagpole Antenna in his HOA

June 15, 2019

Review by Danny, KF9BD:

Highlights: (our favorite parts!)

The flagpole antenna  reception and transmision performance was significantly better than the attic dipole across all bands. 


Bottomline: Greyline Performance does provide a good product. I believe the Greyline Performance folks are honest and I would buy from them again."

As written by KF9BD: (Thanks, Danny!)

This is my review of the Greyline Performance 20 foot flagpole antenna. I purchased this antenna because I live in an HOA controlled area and on a small lot. There is no space for radials. I presently use a dipole in the attic.

The expectation for the antenna is that it will provide a "better" solution than my present attic dipole.

The review is in two parts:

Part 1 is a review of the antenna assembly and performance.
Part 2 deals with the purchase and delivery of the antenna.

Part 1: Performance Rating: 5 out of 5

The antenna is reasonably easy to assembly. The instructions are clearly written. The Al that the antenna is made of is of good quality. Wall thickness averages 2 mm on the upper sections and double wall construction averages 4 mm on the lower sections. One small issue occurred while trying to feed the ladderline through the Al tubing section 100002. The plastic spacers were a little to large in diameter to slide through the Al tube section. I had to sand the outer diameter of each plastic spacer until they would slide through the Al tubing. A second issue was that the antenna kit didn't contain the listed tube of Noalax grease. This grease is to be used at each joint of the Al to Al sections to reduce the occurance of corrosion. This was not a great problem in that Noalax is relatively cheap and readily available.

Initial assembly took about 1 hour. After having assembled the antenna once, the next time I assembled the antenna it took approximately 15 minutes. The testing was performed in the following conditions:

* Between 0800 and 0930 PST
* Lacey, WA
Antenna was temporarily attached to a fence, approximately 15 feet from a two story house
* Tuner: SGC 237 at feed point 
* Palmer choke (provided with the antenna) attached between tuner and radio
* Radio: Yaesu FT 857D with MFJ swr meter
* Power: Bioenno Lifepo battery The tuner was able to achieve an SWR of less than 2.0:1 across all bands ( six meters thru 80 meters) with the following exceptions. 50.100 was 3.5, however, 52.000 and above was <1.7. 10.100 was 2.0, however, 10.120 and above was <1.7.

Reception and signal reports were compared to my attic dipole. The flagpole antenna reception and transmision performance was significantly better than the attic dipole across all bands. I was able to hear signals on the flagpole antenna that I could not hear on the attic dipole. I was also able to make contacts using the flagpole antenna where with the attic dipole I could not make the contact. For those contacts that were able to be made with both antennes, the flagpole was consistently 2 S-units or more stronger. This antenna has satisfied my intent of accquiring a small foot print antenna with better performance than my attic dipole, that was also acceptable within my
HOA environment.

Part 2: Performance Rating: 3 out of 5

Dealing with Greyline Performance requires a bit of faith in mankind and patience. They have a business practice of immediately charging your credit card upon initiating the purchase online. This would not be a problem except for the significant delay in shipment of the product. They do indicate in on their website that they try to complete orders and ship within 3 weeks. They also indicate that in some instances the shipment goes out within days. This leads one to assume that the shipment will be sooner rather than later. That assumption was not valid. After receiving an email confirming my purchase, which happen the day of purchase, there was no shipment notice for the next couple weeks. At approximately 2 weeks I contacted Greyline to determine what was happening. They indicated the shipment would be made soon, offering that things were busy. I waited another week, nothing. I contacted Greyline and they indicated they were at the Ham Convention and would ship when they got back, in a couple days. I did receive a UPS shipment prep notice the next day. However, a couple more days when by and no shipment had been picked up by UPS. I again contacted Greyline and they indicated they would be in my area in the next day or so and would bring the antenna with them. I met with the Greyline fellow a day or so later and picked up my antenna.


Bottomline: Greyline Performance does provide a good product. At least one that met my needs. Albeit, their practice of immediately charging ones' credit card while not actually being able to delivery the product in a timely manner is does leave one questioning whether to do business with them.

I believe the Greyline Performance folks are honest and I would buy from them again.

Greyline Performance writes:

Thanks, Danny! We appreciate any and all feedback from our customers and look closely for areas we can improve. We are listening.
It is a real joy and honor to play a small role in providing a solution of access to the ham bands with a real signal and DX Confidence, on all bands, with a very low loss, high performance vertical dipole for 80-6M. We call it the Greyline DX Flagpole Antenna.

At Greyline Performance Antennas, Ham Radio is fun again on all bands at your home or HOA!

Pass it on to a friend who really can use DX Confidence. They will be so glad you did. Thank you!