W3PG installs 20' DX Flagpole Antenna in his HOA & works EA8 on 40M

W3PG says, "Installed the 20' Greyline DX Flagpole Antenna with No Radials, tuned to 40M and first-call with 100 Watts an EA8 came right back!"

Hi everyone!

In the antenna business, it’s our duty (and pleasure!) to engage our customers by asking “how can we improve and make these antennas better?” We get many interesting responses and we’d like to share one today...

Meet Ed, W3PG.  

Ed just built and installed his Flagpole Antenna in his HOA and we had a nice chat about his experiences. He chose the 20' DX Flagpole and MFJ 998RT combination. He also uses a hollow rock to house his remote tuner and RF Choke and a 40' run of Bury Flex coax from the shack. It seems like a solid system!

At first pass, he was able to tune up on 40M and work an EA8 instantly with strong signals both ways.

Ed said, "he answered my 100W on the first call, the thing works!"

W3PG DX Flagpole Antenna installed at his HOA QTH:

Note: Hollow Rock for his Remote Tuner and RF Choke

Ed told us that with his wire over the roof antenna, he hasn't been able to check in to his favorite 40M net in over 2-years! His friends told him he is quite loud too. What a difference a real antenna can make... 

"With the Greyline DX Flagpole Antenna, I can check in to my 40M Net again!" 

You too can work Real DX 160-6M from home or HOA. Are you ready to hear your friends say "wow, you're loud!" again? 

Does it make sense to you that a real antenna might have attributes of lower losses, lower angles, and higher efficiency that offers you access to all bands might possibly be considered a high-performance antenna? Consider the performance measures of Greyline DX Antennas.

Do you know why our verticals are called, "high performance" HF antennas? Hint: It has something to do with Smart, Strong and Elegant.

Learn more about the Performance, Technical specs, Installation and other how-to's, here

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Let’s share Real DX with our friends by Passing it on!

Ham Radio is fun again! See you on the air, soon.


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