Greyline Performance Reviews

Real DX from 160-6M with no radials, free standing. This is no ordinary antenna.  

We hear folks say things like:

"So pretty even the XYL likes my antenna!"
"4 Band DXCC this summer from my HOA!"
"If I can hear it, I can work it. This thing hears very well."
"30W and a couple hours, I worked the entire planet!"


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Based on 11 reviews
Working Great
63 DXCC’s in 1 month! Impressive result and beautiful antenna site! (See Reviews page for pics) Note: We are in contact with James regarding 40-80M SWR. We believe 1.5 or better is routine and expected with this system arrangement. Ham radio is fun again!
1 x 4 extension kit
Great for my HOA community!
Greyline 24' Flagole Antenna
20 Feet that reaches the world
Survived tropical storm of two tornadoes nearby!
Beautiful Sturdy Flagpole Antenna! Work EU, SA, AF with 60W on FT8 & CW!
After 3-months, impressive performance, SWR 1.8:1 on 75M-6M, busting pile-ups, & surprisingly...
Downsized to HOA - I'm on the air again - Priceless!