Greyline Performance Reviews

Customer Reviews of Greyline Performance DX Flagpole Antenna and HOA Vertical antenna systems for Ham Radio, MARS, and more.

Real DX from 160-6M with no radials. This is no ordinary antenna.  

"So pretty even the XYL likes my antenna!"

"4 Band DXCC this summer from my HOA!"

"If I can hear it, I can work it. This thing hears very well."



Ham Radio is fun again!

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Beautiful Sturdy Flagpole Antenna! Work EU, SA, AF with 60W on FT8 & CW!

I installed the 20 foot Flagpole antenna in July. I had difficulty with connectors which I solved. It worked all bands, but the MFJ tuner failed 2 days after I had it working. It is still at MFJ getting a warranty repair (6+ weeks so far). Presently it is resonant on 20 meters and will tune 30 meters and 17 meters with only the Radio tuner. It is a beautiful Flagpole. I Keep it lighted at night. No complaints about appearance from the neighbors. I am regularly working Europe, South America. Africa and all of US with 60 watts on FT8 and CW. I have been able to work SSB contacts in Europe and South America on 20 meters as well. The antenna is an ideal solution for Hams in HOA communities. There are plenty of 20 foot flagpoles in my neighborhood. There is a code for them in the HOA handbook and our city Code as well. It meets all the requirements. It is a sturdy structure and looks like any other flagpole from 30 feet away or more. (Only difference is the bolts and the tuner). I have built a landscape block circle with 4 rows of stone. This effectively hides the tuner and balun at the base. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do HF and lives in a restricted community. Andy WJ8B

After 3-months, impressive performance, SWR 1.8:1 on 75M-6M, busting pile-ups, & surprisingly...

Hi Jon at Greyline!

After using the Greyline 20’ OCV for several months I wanted to tell you how happy I am with its performance!

With a little tweaking of the installation, I now have matches of no greater than 1.8 to 1, 75M thru 6M. (using the LDG RT-100)

Even with the poor band conditions, we are currently experiencing, I have worked some nice DX….Albania, Peru, Ecuador Brazil, Italy, Spain and most other European countries with great reports on 100 watts from the TS-890. Nothing too exotic yet but I have not really worked at it either.

In short, if I can hear them, I can work them even through some serious pileups.

I am particularly impressed (and surprised) with 6M performance. I have had good reports as far as OK and ME. Really looking forward to improving conditions as the next sunspot cycle ramps up!

Thanks for the great customer support and info!

73, Craig W3GF

PS. I forgot to mention that my noise level is also several S-units lower than with my former 1/4 wave trap vertical which makes a real difference!

See pictures of Craigs installation, here:

You're welcome, Craig!

Would you like to get on the air with your friends, with real DX confidence, busting pile-ups and working the world from 160-6M? Try one of our real DXF (Stealth DX Flagpole) or DXV (non-stealth DX Vertical) HF vertical antennas, today.

Ham Radio is fun again! See you on the air, soon.

Downsized to HOA - I'm on the air again - Priceless!

My XYL and I realized it was time to downsize last summer. We relocated to North Carolina in January 2019 to a smaller home on a golf course in an antenna restricted HOA community. It was hard to leave a QTH with a couple of towers, low band transmit and receiving antennas for a tiny lot with antenna restrictions. Restrictions means no antenna allowed in English.

I wasn't ready to give up my ham radio, DX, and contesting additions. After searching around I found there were very few reasonable solutions. The one solution that stood out was the 20 foot flagpole antenna from Greyline Performance Antennas. So I bought one.

Jon Kimball KL2A at Greyline Performance Antennas, was very helpful throughout this process, answered all my questions, provided some needed advice, and was a large part of the reason I bought this antenna.

Fortunately, our HOA does allow flagpoles but limits them to 20 ft.
The longest pole in the installation tent was doing the paperwork and get permission to put up the flagpole. That took a month and a half. The next hardest part was digging a hole for the flagpole and a trench to bury the coax into the house so no traces of antenna connection was visible. Putting the antenna together was a matter of a couple of hours, going slow to ensure I didn't mess it up. But up it went on 9 May, yesterday.

It is a pleasure to be on the air again. There's no magic here. The flagpole antenna does not compare to the tower and beams at my last QTH. But I am on the air again. And that is priceless.

Running 100 watts yesterday and today enabled me to work a bunch of Europeans and South Americans on 20 and 40 meters with 100 watts. That's what I wanted and expected and that's what I got. I'm a happy ham.

I use the antenna with a LDG RT-600 remote tuner hidden adjacent to the flagpole. The antenna tunes easily on 80 through 6 meters. So far I am operating low power. I still need to run some AC to put my amplifier on line which will make a big dif...