Free Shipping USA + Canada ~$100 DX Shipping | 20' HOA Flagpole Antenna + 100W works India, 8800 miles! | Featured on Ham Radio Crash Course, “Stealth Ham Radio Antenna in HOA” | Greyline Antennas work Europe in the AM and Deep Asia in PM, routinely! Join the fun. Click to see our Antennas.

Offering you two styles of Ham Radio Antenna for Real DX results. An HOA Flagpole Antenna & an HF Vertical Antenna covering 160-6M. No Radials or Guying. XYL's Approve of Smart, Strong, and Elegant. Proudly Made in the USA with 7-Year Guarantee.

Here you'll find your DX Flagpole Antenna options of HOA & XYL approved, HF Antenna. No Radials are needed, they are free-standing, strong, smart, & elegant, offering you Real DX from 160-6M. 

The DX Flagpole Antenna & HF Vertical Antenna are both a VDA or VDP antenna design (Vertical Dipole Antenna) popular with ham radio DXpeditions, DXers, Emergency Services, Preppers, YLs, HOA & suburban lots alike. See here All your antenna options.

Easy to build and use right out of the box, no professional installer is needed. Build it, plant it in the ground, and plug in your radio. More info on the Assembly & install pages.

Greyline offers reliable HF communications & deeper DX experiences.

New to Ham Radio? Looking for Disaster Prep Kits for when SHTF and comms are down, & Emergency Communications options? Consider a premium, aesthetically stealth ham radio antenna. Start here: Common Questions, List of Benefits, How to Choose an Antenna Check List, YouTube videos, & Documents Page.

Made in the USA as Smart, Strong, and Elegant. This multiband antenna covers every frequency from 1.8 to 50 MHz. A popular option for the professional industries and with women in amateur radio owing to its dual use of rugged comms to family security, and its aesthetic elegance. Imagine that, neighbor & family approved. They are proud of you and you work Real DX too.

The high-performance notion, "if you can hear it you can work it" is widely reported. Add to this rugged engineering to be relied on for emergency prep, it will NOT fail when you need it most. See this YouTube video where the DX Flagpole Antenna faces a Tropical storm head-on. Look at those branches fly by at 70 mph+.

It has a bonus NVIS pattern that EmComm & EMS agencies value for passing important regional welfare & emergency traffic. During uncertain times. Survivalists, Preppers, Emergency Management Command Centers, & Disaster Communications Agencies such as MARS, ARES, Homeland, Coast Guard, FEMA, Red Cross & Ham Radio operators too rely on mission-critical HF antennas just like these for RF wireless networks.

We don't fluff our wind ratings. Safety first. We list these ratings conservatively allowing you more room for peace of mind.

ALE capable antenna design offers Military and professional industries secure communications options with redundant, private RF networks for HFT, black box, to ham radio using various modes such as FT8, Winlink, WSPR, WSJT and SDR platforms; those that enjoy the frequency hopping capability, full duty-cycle, and high power design. No power limitations with Greyline Antennas.

Made in the USA (W7 region) We're honored to provide local employment and manufacturing training. We spend first on small ham radio owned businesses for specialty parts not manufactured in-house.

Ultra-premium materials are used throughout with our custom RF antenna design for a true free-standing, No Radials, highly efficient, properly engineered vertical-dipole, broadcast radiator.

This is no ordinary HF radio antenna, these stealthy high-performance antenna systems deliver a low loss, surprisingly low noise, reliable NVIS pattern, an always low angle transmit and receive sensitivity that meets or beats antenna designs of similar height on the market today, all while serving you reliable communications and deeper DX experiences. How does this sound to you?

Want to talk radio? So do we. Give us a call today. 435-200-4902

Free Shipping to USA & Canada. Fast DX Shipping by Expedited Air. Example, Germany ~$150.

Industry-leading 7-year warranty.

Ham Radio is fun again, Pass it on...

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AF1RO/4 works the Entire Planet: Greyline Antenna Signal Plotting Map

Bigger vertical antennas are NOT better!

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DX Flagpole Antenna vs. legacy vertical antennas

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> 90% efficiency with a 20' DX Flagpole Antenna

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Let's compare the Greyline 12-28' heights for radiation angle & gain "punch"

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