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Real Flagpole, Stealth Radio Antenna, NO RADIALS required. Work DX on all-bands, 80-6M from your home or HOA. Meet our High-performance OCF vertical-dipoles and "DX Flagpole"


"XR0ZRC ... one-called him.  Not bad for a 20’ OCF vertical-dipole and 100 watts."

03/13: Customer Review:
Bill worked XR0ZRC from his home and is thrilled to work DX on the bands again after 20 years! See his DX Flagpole Video, here.
Be like Bill, let's get you and your friends back on the air!

03/14: Added ATD-2 A high-quality Lightning Disconnect, RF Surge Protection, & Static Discharge Unit. See that here

"Got Indonesia (YB) this morning on 40m SSB with 100 watts. Over 9,000 miles!

Now you too can work DX with confidence from your Home or HOA on all bands with very low losses from 80-6M | 3 KW PEP standard feed system | 80-100 MPH Rated | Smart Design, Pro Engineered | Loads of transparent comparisons on performance and engineering for all to see | Learn why this antenna meets and beats similar and larger sized antennas!

Remote Tuners and TUNER+ANTENNA BUNDLES **

We are lifelong radio ops just like you
intent to bring you, our peers, a more useful service. Whether you are new to the hobby or downsizing to an HOA from your Superstation!

HOA Approved + XYL-significant others and neighborhood approved
No Radials! needed to achieve the high performance we stand behind
10-bands from 80-6M including WARC, MARS, etc.
High-Power Standard (1500W) Rated Antenna and Feed System
Smart Design Rugged Engineering & Materials for 80-100 MPH wind rating 
Best in Class: 'as good or better' than any legacy brands you'll find on the market
>90% and better efficiency across all bands
Very Low Losses owing to the feed system and antenna design
Lower Angles than ground mounted verticals (see the data!)
Available sizes 12', 16', 20', and 28' foot Flagpole & OCF Antennas
Easy Install: Dig 2-3' post hole, drop in, plug n play
Bundled Savings: Antenna + Market-favorite ATU's available here

Smart RF design, sound engineering, compelling performance, and real results!

NO radials and high performance!
This is no ordinary antenna! We research the information and give you a wealth of transparent data to consider as to why our antenna-system is worthy of your consideration. It's more efficient than the "comparible" vertical antennas of old on the market today! You be the judge. 

Customer Review: "Highly Recommended for HOA and space restricted locations."

HOA's Approve the DX Flagpole because it's a real Flagpole built to Professional Industry for ANSI/NAAMM FP 1001-07 Regulations, not hollow claims. 
XYL & fussy neighbors love the respectable demeanor. You can now rest easy with your choice of Stealth Radio Antenna that works DX on all bands.
No more ugly stubs, traps, coils, or unsightly elements. Just a clean stealthy vertical-dipole radio antenna, a real Flagpole.

DX Flagpole & DXV Series 
Both Lines of OCF Vertical-Dipole Antennas are of the same design. The DX Flagpole has flag accessories, the DXV does not, as the only difference. Home or HOA, all radio bands between 3.5 MHz and 50 MHz.
World Class Contest Station PJ1B (Bonaire, Caribbean) uses OCF designs!  
What will you use it for?

Designer Review: "Equal or Better Performance than verticals requiring Radials!"
Customer Review: "FB antenna for FT8 Mode, WSJT-X and SDR operations."

No Radio Tower? No Problem!
DX'ers, Remote Ham Radio, SWL's and Digital mode ops such as SDR, FT8, and WSJT-X 2.0 are a natural all-band fit. MARS, ALE, Land, Marine, Mobile and RV operators enjoy our efficient RF system designs too.

Customer Review: "Holds its own vs. taller competitors with No Radials & stealth!"
Customer Review: "QRP and High Power stations love the efficiency knowing each precious watt is delivered to the antenna." 

See for yourself! More performance data in our FAQs and RF Blog 

USA | Made in USA | Phone +1.435-200-4902


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>90% efficiency in a 20' DX Flagpole Antenna

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