SGC 237 Smartuner Remote Antenna Tuner, 100W, 160-6M ATU
SGC 237 Smartuner Remote Antenna Tuner, 100W, 160-6M ATU

SGC 237 Smartuner Remote Antenna Tuner, 100W, 160-6M ATU

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Greyline Performance is pleased to offer SGC Smartuner HF ATU remote tuners.

SGC is Made in the USA, Smart, Strong, and Elegant. Truly high-end and rugged. The robust tuning range is worth a look and they are waterproof HF ATUs as well.

Tunes a mobile 7' whip from 160/80-6M.

A premium and preferred ATU pairing for the Greyline Antenna Systems.

Considered higher-end in quality, these ATUs are popular with various professional industries such as Marine, Aeronautical, and of course Amateur Radio operators too. One aspect to point out that sets it apart from other offerings on the market is the dual-ground protections. Its isolated RF and DC grounds allow for less RF or common mode current at the radio. Some might say then that it removes the need for RF Choking in addition. 

These outstanding remote antenna tuners can tune a wet noodle without breaking a sweat. Well, so some have reported. The RF and electrical ground is solid. Tuners are generally hard to get wrong. The quality of the inner parts is a step up from the low-cost-focused remote tuners that we see in magazines. Radio ops that desire the very best quality remote auto tuners Made in America, look closer at SGC.

You want quality, this is it. They are military-grade, Made in the USA, marine industry-rated, autotuners, and are highly recommended for use with Greyline HF vertical antennas, and stealth HOA Flagpole Antennas. Built to last. 


SG-237 Smartuner™


Built to Last

The SG-237 is designed with high-density surface mount components on a 4 layer PCB, providing high efficiency, reliability, and performance. The PCB is mounted on a sturdy chassis plate which provides an excellent electrical and RF ground system. The unit is fully waterproof (under 2 ft of water for 24 hours). The case is weather-resistant, high-grade ABS plastic that is sealed at the factory.


Use for base, mobile, portable, marine, or aviation.

The SG-237 is our most popular Smartuner. Its rugged construction and small size allow maximum flexibility. It has a 100W power rating and additional frequency coverage to 60MHz, matching it perfectly with the most popular HF transceivers. It will work with any balanced or unbalanced antenna including whips, backstays, dipoles, loops, and long wires, and requires a minimum of only 28 feet of antenna for full coverage operation.


HF Frequency Range:
Power Input Range:
Input Impedance Range:
DC Input Requirement:
DC Operating Range:
Input Current:
Recurrent set time:
Memory Capacity:
Possible Tuning Combinations:
Antenna Length:
Operating Temperature:

Case Construction:

Control Cable:

Control Cable Length:


1.8 to 60 MHz
3 to 100W (PEP) and 40W (continuous)
45 to 55 ohms
Typical: Less than 2:1
+13.8 VDC (nominal)
+10.5 to 18 VDC
300 milli-Amps
Typical: Less than 2 seconds
Typical: Less than 10 milliseconds
170 non-volatile locations
1/2 million
Minimum lengths: 7 feet (3.5 to 60 MHz) / 28 feet (1.8 to 60 MHz)
Any position, ideal at the antenna feed point
-35 to +70 degrees C
9L x 7W x 1.85H inches
2 pounds
Waterproof ABS plastic cover on an anodized aluminum base
Shielded 4 conductor RG-58 coax with PL-259 connector
9 feet standard, custom to-order



Pro Tip: Add the DC/DC Coaxial Line Isolator
to remote control the SGC RF tuning unit over your feedline coax. That means, no extra control cabling other than your coax to the antenna site.  




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