About Us

Welcome to Greyline Performance, Home of the DX Flagpole Antenna! 

We are a small group of very active, lifelong (35+ years) ham radio enthusiasts with families and a passion for our fantastic hobby and global fraternity, likely just like you.

Team Highlights:

- Award Winners! It's true, the ARRL "Antenna of the Year" Award was won by one of our own, a career Broadcast-RF Engineer and antenna designer extraordinaire. Congrats, John! (he addresses many of our Q&A's inside)
- Engineering: Our working structural engineer has earned his chops alongside savant antenna designers in both the Ham and Professional markets, too. He's analyzed every aspect of structure and materials to be certain our claims are solid. Thank you, sir.
- Veteran Ops: Our GM has been Radioactive for 40-years and was honored to compete for 'Team USA' at WRTC 2014 in Boston. He says, "our contest team station in the Caribbean uses the OCF designs to compete on the world stage!"

Collectively, our goal is to offer a more useful service with modern, smarter antenna designs adhering to professional engineering standards, for you, our radio peer. We strive to earn the public trust, your trust by offering transparent data from real clear thinking on how best to get you 'on the air' with real DX Confidence.

Whether you are on a small city lot or rooftop with no room for radials or simply desire an all band agility for your favorite mode (WSJT-X, FT8, SDR, CW, SSB, NVIS, ARES, Winlink, etc.) where other options such as putting up a tower or a wire in a 140' tree just won't work for you, we have you in mind. 

One thing our team has in common is that we have enjoyed various levels of exposure to the professional antenna design and engineering "arts" and have pledged interest and intent to design a suite of smart products made available right here on this website. This is fun for us!

Stay tuned as we create more solutions for you. Drop your email in the bottom right box on this page to receive our free monthly updates - you'll be glad you did. 

As your radio peers, we are 'at your service' to bring you superior engineering, smart design, and premium materials in the form of efficient multi-band antennas (like our DX Flagpole Antenna and DXV Vertical Dipole line. We think you will be pleased.

In summary, for our first offering, we offer an efficient solution to get as many of you in restricted areas on the bands with confidence. Whether Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R) and HOA restrictions are tight and a DX Flagpole Antenna is your only hope, or you just want a real antenna that really performs on all bands, we have you covered with our DXV OCF Vertical Dipole line up.

Putting up a tower isn't your preferred option but enjoy the thought of a real antenna for 10-bands from 80-6M? Flag or no-flag, this first offering is for you. 

We hope you will stay tuned to our blog and product offerings to get to know us and our evolving line up of agile and high-performance radio antennas.

Please join our conversation. Try our products, challenge our science, reviews, and approach, and please engage us in shaping our story. After all, we are you. We look forward to finding you, On the Air!

Thank you in advance, 73.

The FlagpoleAntenna.com Team


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