What To Expect with your DX Flagpole Vertical Dipole Antenna

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We are honored to serve your need for a smarter option for your all-band radio antenna needs. 


Can't put up a tower or plant 60-120 radials, we have a better all band option for your consideration.

In an HOA or simply need an aesthetically pleasing, free-standing (from a fence post hole), high performance, extremely low-loss multiband HF vertical dipole that covers 80-6M? (Yes, really, read more here)

Consider the benefits of our DX Flagpole and DXV vertical dipole line of OCF antennas.

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  • HOA Approved + XYL-significant others and neighborhood approved
  • No Radials! needed to achieve the high performance we stand behind
  • 10-bands (& more) from 80-6M including WARC, MARS, etc.
  • High-Power Standard (1500W) Rated Antenna and Feed System
  • Smart Design, Rugged Engineering & Materials for 80-100 MPH wind rating 
  • Best in Class Based on our research our OCF's are 'as good or better' than any legacy brands you'll find on the market today.
  • >90% and better efficiency across all bands
  • Very Low Losses owing to the antenna system
  • Lower Angles than ground mounted verticals
  • Available sizes 12', 16', 20', and 28' foot Flagpole & OCF Antennas
  • Easy Install: Dig post hole, drop in, plug n play
  • Free Shipping in the USA + Aggressive Worldwide Shipping Rates

Below, you'll find a What we Offer, How-To, and What to Expect after your order. As always, if you have questions, please ask!

What to Order? Choose from these HF Antennas:

Antenna Style: DXF or DXV: DX Flagpole or non-flag, All Band Vertical Dipole Antenna System 

Antenna Size: 12', 16, 20', 28' (each is >90% efficient on 80-6M) read 

Remote Tuner: 100W to 1500W selections by various brands (best prices on the market as we do not gauge pricing!) This is a must-have part of our system. 

Tuner Disconnect: Our ATD-2 is a Lightning Protection ATU Disconnect and RF Surge Protection unit plus offers Static Bleed. Great for folks in electrical storm regions.

Powder Coat Paint: Many like to paint their Verticals. Select colors and add to cart with ease. (note: this courtesy step may take an additional 1-3 weeks to process)

    How to Pay

    Currently, we offer payment via Check (USA) or Credit Card. The Credit Card option via the Paypal gateway is quite simple to use. Simply look for the gray box at the end of your checkout.


    After your Order

    Upon ordering you will receive an email with digital copies of your:

    • Operators Manual
    • DXV/DXF Antenna Specs
    • DXV/DXF Installation / Assembly Instructions
    • DXV/DXF Parts List

    Hard copies of each will be included in your Shipment(s) as well. 

    Shipping by UPS & USPS

    Antennas: (includes Antenna and Feed system box shipped separately) 

    USA 12-16-20-28' is Free Shipping by UPS. 2-6 days is routine

    • 12-16-20' Europe is $275 
    • 12-16-20' VK/ZL is $350 
    • 28' Europe is $350 
    • 28' VK/ZL is $450 

    4-10 days shipping time 


    • $20 in USA USPS 2-day
    • $75 to DX USPS or UPS (customs-preferred by some)

    *Retail cost on shipments is approximately double the listed shipment costs! You’re welcome.

    *DX countries such as A5, S2, and maybe 5T5 and other less frequent areas may cost more to ship to. We do not charge more than our cost for shipping and we do share our deep discounts with you. Thanks.

    Shipment, Included in the Order:

    • Your Antenna, a DXV or DX Flagpole Vertical-Dipole Antenna
    • DX Antenna Feed System
    • Premium 3KW 1:1 Current Balun
    • All Hardware (Flag and all flag accessories)
    • Greyline Performance | DX Flagpole Owners Manuel 
    • Free Shipping USA (DX-International Shipping is fast and cost competitive)

    Shipping and Update Alerts via Text or Email

    You will receive various alerts as each package ships. In some cases, this is within a few days and others the process can take 1-3 weeks.

    Your Tracking Shipment Alerts will reflect packages containing:

    • DXF/DXV Antenna System
    • DXF/DXV Feedline System and Hardware (includes Flag accessories if applicable)
    • Remote Tuner
    • Other (ATD-2, etc.)

    Processing Time

    We strive to complete orders within a 1 to 3-weeks total time, worldwide. (recently a shipment arrived in Israel 4 days after shipment!) Many orders begin shipping the next day.

    Important note:

    We are ham radio operators, contesters, and DXers just like you are. We know getting your antenna on the air as soon as possible is of the utmost importance for most of you. It sure is for us! We promise to rush your new DX Flagpole anywhere you wish! (like one radio operator who just took his DX Flagpole to Afghanistan!)

    Feedback / Reviews

    We know you will be doing your homework and therefore we encourage you to read our best effort of transparency presented within the FAQs and RF BLOG entries to get a better sense of the homework we continue to conduct and present from our design, engineering, and upgrades of these OCF Vertical Antenna Systems.

    See pictures and read stories of happy customers like Steve and Bill, both of whom have been off the air for decades! To a radio store owner that ran across an “amazing signal” on 75M using the DX Flagpole Antenna!


    We bring you real customers stories like Steve who compares his DX Flagpole to his 84' End-Fed Zepp using reverse beacon RBN data and is enjoying the weekly contests and having a ball.


    Meet Bill too!  After downsizing from his multi-tower QTH, he reports running Europe and working DXpeditions on the low bands again, surpassing the results of his wire loop in the tree during signal comparison testing by 2 S units!


    You’ll hear about the European ham radio store owner who declared amazement at the signals on 75M he worked over the Atlantic coming from a “20' OCF DX Flagpole” among a group of guys with towers and wires and he was not weaker in signal strength on an otherwise noisy band! He called us on the phone to express the news!

    RF Research

    Just as much fun for us (and maybe you too) we enjoy tinkering with our designs for improvements and then present these various challenges and projects we've faced and overcome, many times with our valuable customer's wisdom and input.

    We include various topics from where best to plant your antenna and what performance measures you should expect in many situations. Measured and tested by us and our customers too in some cases. Read more about these and more, here: 

    RF Blog (see drop down menu)


    We'd like to hear from you. Let's get you and your friends back on the air with real DX confidence and a real signal just like Bill, Steve and our Peers around the world are talking about. 

    If you have any questions, please let us know. We’d love to send you a DX Antenna too!

    Can you use a high performance, agile and rugged, all band HF vertical too? We're honored to serve you.


    Thank you,

    73 Greyline Performance
    Home of the DX Flagpole

    PS.  Does any of this resonate for any of your friends' situations? Please consider sharing this with them, they will be glad you did. Thank you! 



    After you placed the order, you received an email confirmation of that order. You can click the link in that notification return to this "thank you page" to check your order status! This is what it looks like, https://screenshot.click/07-25-oy7i1-mf8cp.png