XYLs Love the HOA Flagpole Antenna, a 2 for 1 win

The HF Vertical Antenna and/or Greyline Flagpole Antenna are a popular choice among ham radio operators as it provides excellent performance, it is stealthy, all on a small footprint. Whether the front or back yard, or on the roof, it’s built to be an efficient radiator, a straight forward install, easy to maintain, plus its approved by HOA restricted communities owing to it's smart, strong, clean-line aesthetics.

If you live in an apartment complex or condo, you likely do not have access to tall trees or a radio tower needed for a larger horizontal antenna installation. That’s where the HF Vertical Antenna and Flagpole Antenna comes into play. A vertical dipole antenna or VDA is not your average ground mounted vertical. It produces reliable NVIS and low angle DX from 160M to 6M, plus an important point is, it's approved by XYLs and HOAs too, owing to its aesthetically pleasing design. Now that's Smart, Strong and Elegant.

Let us repeat this point, XYLs have been reported to say, "Install it in the front yard." How many antennas do you know get that sort of praise? Several XYLs report the Flagpole Antenna reminded them of her fathers Flagpole and wanted it in the front yard to enjoy too. That's a real two for one. You're welcome. 

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Ham radio is fun again. Pass it on.



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