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Greyline Performance DX Flagpole Antenna Awards, Recognition, Associations

Many customers ask us about the history of our Greyline DX Flagpole. This should get us started on the response:

This antenna has been around for many years
. Famous ham radio vendors have sold it in years past. We mainly sell directly to the consumer at this time. Tune the bands to hear folks working DX with the DX Flagpole and DXV (DX Vertical) line of antennas.
As for QST, our designer for this particular antenna is a perpetual QST Author, Plaque Winner for his writings several times per year and Annual Antenna Design winner. One such article that illustrates technical information used within and directly pointing to the DX Flagpole can be found here, in QST:
2018 QST Article: 
Award Mentions for our friend and Engineer, John W6NBC:
There are far more to list but this should give you a wide breadth of the skill set behind the designer and openness to accuracy, simplification, and clarity on the subject. I hope this helps remove any doubt for you.
About reviews. Here are a few from a quick search online:
There are many examples on the internet and 100+ antennas in the field being used by our peers. Try Youtube? These links should get you started:
WB9Z shared his take on our DX Flagpole, here
N9CB offers a link to our website and video of his installation and tuning, here. He cites our 2018 updates.

If you have any other questions please do contact me directly. We're happy to exchange emails or set up a call or conference, as you wish.

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