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How-To's, Installation Manual, Customer Install Pictures, Documents, YouTube Videos

Need a manual or documents to help guide your planning and approach in the preparation of your Greyline Performance Vertical Dipole, or Flagpole Antenna System project? We think these helpful links below will showcase just how simple installing your new Greyline Performance antenna can be.


Look at the pictures, here: Sample Assembly Look Book

Last summer we put together another series of assembly pictures and videos in rural Alaska. See those, here: Sample Assembly with Video

Many have it built-in 30 minutes and on the air with excellent (perfect) SWRs and tuning the bands within the hour. Have fun!

Want to talk radio with us? We are likely able to help sort it all out with you. We get it, as we too are Ham Radio ops and enjoy talking a moment on the phone. We are here for you: 435-200-4902 (USA W7 Mountain West, Idaho) 

  • Greyline's List of Benefits, here

  • Greyline "Common Questions" here

  • Customer Reviews, here

  • YouTube videos, here

  • (Video) Afghanistan (T6AA) to Idaho: Robert hears Idaho using 100W + 24' DX Flagpole, here

  • (Audio Clips) KL2A/P at the beach, mountains, and more using his Go Kit (ski bag) ham radio station, here 

  • FAQs: See Videos, Technical Specs, Data, Stories, Pictures, Graphs, and Performance measures in our FAQs. Start, here

  • DX Flagpole featured on "Ham Talk Live" Episode 188 titled "Stealth Antennas & HOAs?" Listen to the audio, here

  • Using his DX Flagpole Bill, K3WA routinely amasses 1000+ Q's in a weekend plus a "Clean Sweep" in the November CW Sweepstakes?  See his station pictures, here

  • Please take our QTH Product Survey to help us select our next product launch, here

  • Please take our Remote Tuner Survey to help select quality antenna tuning units for you, here

  • Greyline Status Updates, here

  • XYLs have been reported to say, "Install it in the front yard." 

Smarter, Stronger, more Elegant (aesthetically pleasing design for the most discerning partners, neighbors, & XYLs) - Yep, you're welcome!

  Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on.



Be sure to look over our FAQ and Blog entries for a growing list of helpful topics.

We're honored to do our part one radio op at a time. Remember, Ham Radio is Fun Again! It's a pleasure to serve you with Stronger and Smarter Antennas d'Elegance. Contact us with any questions you may have! We'll see you on the air soon... 73 Greyline Performance  


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