Status updates for Greyline Performance

Greyline Performance: DX Flagpole and DX Vertical Antenna - status updates 


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YouTube: Did you know that we are producing parts in-house? As we move away from the current supply chain realities watch as one of our CNC machines cuts and shapes us closer towards self-reliance.

We are focused on Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegance. 


11.18.20: Aluminum load for antennas arrives. Building and shipping, your antennas. Yep, we cut, drill, polish, hand build each antenna for fit, then package each for shipment. Ham Radio is fun again! 

10.26.20: 12-24' shipping 3-7 days, 28's 1-2 weeks. 

RF Chokes for Greyline HOA Flagpole and DX Vertical HF Antennas

10.02.20: 12-24' shipping 1-3 days, 28's 1-2 weeks. Anyone with a tracking number for a 28' will see travel starting this week. Thank you.

09.19.20: Most pending orders are shipped. Some of you have UPS labels that aren't moving. We are aware of this as some of these (yours) were held back as we're machining a part in-house for these antennas and that is causing a shoney delay. You'll see movement this week for most cases, some next week. No label? Don’t worry it will ship in the next batch.

Prettier and stronger, we promise! 

Note: we are building more parts in-house as we transition away from supplier reliance going into the unknown fall season. Thanks for your patience. Smarter, Stronger and more Elegant antennas for you and your family will love. See these XYL approval Blog posts!

09.04.20: We're buliding 28' antennas at human speed, by hand to ensure fit and tearing them down in a few pieces as possible for easy shipping, we even Noalox them aerospace-style, a bonus to the buyer (less pieces to build). This process is tedious for us this time and slower than estimated. Thanks for your patience as we get through this batch for the owners. Generous Noalox protection is applied at each screw and joint. Warm up those radios. Ham Radio is fun again!   -- Pass it on --- 

09.02.20: Painted Flagpole antennas are arriving at the warehouse in batches.  

08.31.20: We are moving antennas to their new owners. Today, 20-24-28' Greyline DX HF Verticals and Flagpoles left the warehouse. Also, Feed + Flag kits are on the move. Watch for your tracking number by email or text. Ham Radio is fun again!

08.28.20:  All antennas are in stock and shipping same-next day. The 28' antennas were held back for upper section redesign but have been signed off and are going out. 


Current Greyline Ready-Rack for 20-24-28' - cut, drilled, sanded, cleaned, deburred, bagged, and ready for packaging.  

07.21.20: We have staggered shipments the past couple of months where Antennas shipped first and Feed+Flag kits followed-on in a second shipment.

Many customers expressed wanting to get a head start on the ground work. Most of these folks now have antennas and the rest are scheduled to go out this week as well. Some are awaiting feed+flag kits and those are shipping to customers this week. Watch for a secondary tracking number if this is you. Thanks!

Supply Chain: We have worked closely with our suppliers to stock up on materials and parts that take us into the winter months. We are so thankful as we witness the largest distribution outlets alerting customers of long delays that touch the fall season in some cases. We experienced this COVID hiccup in the sourcing of materials during the spring ourselves and hope to have prepared enough ahead of any similar reactions in the future. Thanks to you for your understanding while we position for strength.

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We focus on buying from amateur radio small businesses where possible. All materials are premium grade and Made in USA. 

We know that you want you on the air ASAP.
We are hams too and get it. We do our best to expedite your order the day it's ready for shipment. Thank you.

Note: Reserving your antenna now secures a buyers position in the production line as we are first come, first served (no exceptions). 

Payments are deferred
We are authorizng payments at the time of order and capture the payment at the time of shipment. Tracking is generated at that time as well. 

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As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.
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