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Smarter, Stronger, and oh-so Elegant "Ham Radio is fun again!" Pass it on...

Status: Summer 2024

- 20-24-28' Antennas ship daily, M-F. More info here 
- 7+ year warranty on all our antennas: Call Us: 435-200-4902


  • Partner Loyalty Statement
  • Historical Context of Greyline Performance Timeline
  • Logbook (timeline of events & updates)

We maintain stock of antenna tubing that arrives in 20' long raw metal tubes. We cut, drill, deburr, and polish to the elegant finish Greyline is known for. 
Thank you for supporting local. Made in the USA.

greyline hf vertical antennas, dx flagpole antennas

Partner Loyalty:

We partner with ham-radio-owned small businesses that need our collective support. 
We make it a priority to partner with and buy supplies from well-respected small businesses that focus on you. Oftentimes, really small. Some are top RF Engineers in their field and others are small businesses that rely on our collective goodwill to feed their families. We are proud and loyal to support our peers in this way. Thank you for supporting small businesses in America.

Historic Context of Greyline Performance: 
A Timeline Summary:

In 2019, we experienced a series of exciting "growing pains" that were full of teaching moments about the markets we serve. In 2020, COVID arrived on the scene closing shop for so many RF suppliers, yet thank goodness, we continued to experience growth. This continued into the second half of 2021 when the cost of metal increased, labor became problematic, and the supply chain delays deepened. Even the legacy brands we all know and love were asking for 3-12 months and then more.

2024 Update: MFJ, SGC and Array Solutions all closed soon after this!

Finally, the pandemic flattened us for weeks at a time off/on for 1.5 years and we temporarily shut down Amateur operations for the winter months of 21/22. Then, in the spring of 2022, our shelves began filling up once again and thankfully remain full and shipping daily from our W7 operation since. We are honored to serve you.



07.01.24: Smooth sailing, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our collective peers with HF radio antenna systems. Have fun this summer!

05.01.24: Spring season is well underway all antennas are shipping routinely. Also of note, an historic season ahead: MFJ announced a 5/17/24 shut-down date citing owner-retirement, at 80 years old. What a run for his team at MFJ. Array Solutions, one of the best radio suppliers for premium military grade solutions also sold and is ceasing operations. Onward into the summer for Greyline.

01.15.24: HNY 2024 to you! We are enjoying shipping from stock on hand ready to go for all antennas. Free Shipping in USA, and ~$100 for DX shipments. It's going to be a great year of Real DX.

11.09.23: Grateful to report we are shipping from stock on hand with 2-5 day delivery after ordering across NA. For fun, have you seen the video of KL2A's Greyline vertical experiments at ZF2B? See the YouTube segment here.

10.17.23: Antennas are shipping daily, M-F.  Ready for winter? Bands are going to be so much fun. 73 

09.12.23: Caught up on antenna shipments. All Antennas are in stock and shipping same/next day. It's going to be a really fun fall/winter season on the ham bands. 

08.25.23: We're shipping 28' footers. Slow but steady. Watch for your tracking number. There was a 2-year long waiting list for this Antenna design. You will see tracking soon. If you are concerned, please email or call us. Also, shipping 20-24'ers daily M-F.  Bands are so much fun. Ham Radio is fun again.

08.14.23: Summer has made many Ham's happy! We are stocked with 100's of Flagpole Antennas & HF Vertical Antennas, shipping from the rack! We've reloaded our entire RF Chokes line & the Surge Protection options too. This winter, the bands will be oh-so fun for the history books. Ham Radio is fun again!

06.13.23: 16-24'ers are shipping daily, M-F! 28'ers are shipping soon.

04.27.23: 28' HOA Flagpole + HF Verticals (Free-Standing, No Radials, No Guy-Wires) are back in production! 

03.25.23: Spring Rush is upon us and we are grateful to continue our M-F shipping schedule. The bands are heating up and we couldn't be happier for our Ham Community. Ham Radio is fun again!

02.01.23: Stocked up & shipping daily. New space-age CNC machine for larger antennas on the floor and getting plugged in for MFG duty. New products coming soon!

01.19.23: Shipping daily, M-F. Take our poll for customer input to help form our next product launch called, "How High Can You Go?" We'll announce the product soon! 3Y0J landed yesterday on the island. Today they are likely building antennas!? Ham Radio is fun again!

01.01.23: Returned from Holiday. Shipping daily from a backlog that should be caught up later this week. Promo is still going strong until our Spring rush (expected to start later this month) - Thank you.

12.18.22: Full stock of Antennas shipping daily, typically departs same/next day with all kits included. Always allow 2-3 weeks for everything to arrive during the holidays. Shipping times seem to be 4-6 days anywhere in the USA and 6-10 days for DX. 

+ Current Promo $200 off antennas

+ SGC 230's are back in stock! 237s are on the horizon one again as well. More info soon. Ham radio is fun again. 

: We had so much fun on the last 50 sold, we have just added another 50 units to the $200 off winter promo rack. With so many in a hurry to plant their DX adventure crop before the ground freezes, we hear you! Shipping daily from Idaho. All kits are included + Free Shipping too. Ham Radio is fun again, Pass it on!

10.13.22: Shipping Antennas same/next day. All kits included + Free Shipping.

09.19.22: The waiting list is nearly caught up, shipping the same-next day for new orders, and the antenna racks are stocked for the winter ahead. The bands are just great. Bring on Cycle 25!

08.31.22: Busy time for planting antennas judging by the empty shelves. Restocking and shipping continue. 

08.04.22: Lots of antennas going out. Do you have your tracking number? If not, have you paid? Look for the invoice sent in the past couple of weeks or simply contact us. email or phone, 435-200-4902. We look forward to serving you! 

07.14.22: Excitement is in the air. Let me guess, you just received notice your antenna is preparing to ship, right? If you have paid, you will receive tracking very soon. If you have not paid, look for our recent emailed invoice and consider paying that. We will reach out to you before going to the next person on the list but wanted to give you a heads up we are getting close to your group. As always, contact us if you have any questions. To get primed and ready, please see these pictures, videos, and our Assembly and Install Documents Page and...

06.22.22: Good news alert! Racks of Antennas are stacked and ready for shipment. Watch for tracking soon! 

* We still have a fairly long waiting list to work from and are hustling to get the product out as quickly as we can. Please know, that we will not ship out of turn. Watch for your tracking number to follow. Ham Radio is fun again! Questions? Contact us directly. Thank you…

05.15.22: Watch for the tracking number alerts coming to an email box near you.

01.01.22: New Antennas Coming Soon + Reserve now, Pay Later

Currently, we are taking reservations for upcoming antenna shipments.

We are honored to serve you in this way. HNY from Greyline Performance

10.10.21: Currently, we are in our upgrade season. WINTER: As winter is falling on our Northern customers we know well that these folks need to get their groundwork done. We're working to prioritize the delivery of ground kits before the freeze. Our Southern customers (on the beach, you know who you are... lucky!) we may be calling you asking if you would allow our northern brothers and sisters to cut in line. We do not allow cuts without permission as a hard rule. If we haven't called you yet, get in touch with us. Thank you!  

09.01.2021: We are back in our fall-production push for antennas on the shelf. Summer was good for many of you, thank you. With Cycle 25 cycling up, it's going to be a great year ahead. Ham Radio is fun again!

08.13.2021: All antenna orders up to this week have shipped. Painted poles are in progress. We do have White Antennas available 16-20' ready to ship. Summer has been fun and we are looking forward to the fall season on the air, are you?

07.22.2021: Antennas: Bottleneck completed, all orders are shipped. Some folks saw a week for shipments to arrive owing to the great July heatwave (Idaho doesn't use A/C) We are delighted to report that we are at same/next day shipments once again!
SGC: DC Isolators are ready, alas SGC tuners are still on the way.

07.04.2021: More remote tuner models are on the shelves. MFJ 993BRT and 994BRT are moving out again as are the 998RT. That’s the 300W, 600W, and 1500W units. The RT-100s are in good supply. SGC has produced a few 230’s and a 235C recently. We are glad to see them making progress. We had record, never-seen-before heat in northern Idaho with 10-days of 100-117F. We took a few days off last week to keep our friends cool. 

06.10.2021: MFJ 998RTs are back. MAXI and Mini Chokers (see our add-on section) are arriving soon. Get yours while you can. Feed + Flag Kits are caught up and moving out nicely. Antennas are well stocked and depart the warehouse daily, M-F. Bands are a lot of fun these days, Cycle 25 is on the rise. See you on the bands...

05.24.2021: Today a shipment of SGC Remote Tuners arrived and are already sold and heading out to radio ops. Thank you! More arriving soon. Are you in line? Made in USA for the win. 

: All Antenna orders continue to ship within 1-3 days. Feed kit parts have been slowed the past 2-3 weeks and are now arriving and moving out quickly once again. Thank goodness.

04.21.2021: All Antenna orders continue to ship rapidly (within 1-3 days) and our next batch of Kits are scheduled to depart for Friday this week. Lots of guys report working 6M with the Greyline verticals this week :) Ham Radio is fun again!

04.09.2021: Our Painted Flagpoles look amazing. We are so happy with our suppliers and have arranged for faster turn-around times. 2020 was very slow in this regard with the bottlenecks from other industries. We are thrilled to have this option available for our peers once again.

03.28.2021: Stock full of antennas. Shipping in 1-3 days. Feed kit supplies are in and moving out. Spring is in the air... Thank you!

03.14.2021: At Greyline, spring is here! Antennas are moving out faster as spring arrives and perfect timing too, Sunspots are on the rise (finally!) and we are stocked up with all antennas. The Flags are looking great this time of year. Cheers to you this spring.  

Cool Fact: Our 28'er is now 'box to built' in 5 minutes! Yep, 5-minutes. Same extremely Strong, Smart, and Elegant final product. (We built most of it for you before shipping). Hope you like that little tidbit and I'll add, the wind ratings are "through the roof."  


Flagpole Antenna / HF Vertical Antenna Rack
6' long tubes partially assembled for easy installation at your QTH

greyline, ham radio, flagpole, vertical, antenna, rackgreyline, ham radio, antenna, vertical, flagpole, rack,

In-house designed and manufactured parts, even the Heli-coil inserts! 
We continue to learn and improve at the smallest part levels. Custom-made fittings in even the simplest of antennas. That's Stronger, Smarter, and Elegant, for you. 



RF Chokes
are provided by highly-regarded RF Engineers and their small businesses.

RF Chokes for Greyline HOA Flagpole and DX Vertical HF Antennas


02.21.2021: Antennas continue to ship off the dock, thank you so much. We are hearing that they are the strongest and prettiest on the market; “the ham market hasn’t seen this quality,” says one seasoned veteran contester friend. Another, an career aerospace ham notes "I am very impressed with the look, quality, machining, and part fit!

Feed kit supplies are arriving and we are shipping as they arrive. Thanks for your patience while we support our friends in the bottleneck-supply-chain at large.

Note, we are always developing redundant suppliers for parts that we do not yet make in-house. As always only u materials are used throughout. 

Pro tip: before buying an antenna from anyone, consider, of course, the efficiency, low angle, and high gain claims, to be sure... and then look closely at the wind rating claims. If someone has higher wind ratings than you see here really think that through. Your family and neighbors will thank you.

02.12.2021: A solid week of progress. All antennas are shipped or on the dock to go out to their new owners.

02.08.2021: Now offering entire packages Made in the USA. All parts are Made in the USA, if not made in-house at Greyline Performance. We've added SGC remote tuners to our line-up. They are based in Seattle, Washington, and make a tank of a tuner. Support local small businesses. Ham Radio is fun again.

Feed kits + Flag kits for some customer orders arrive in a second box after the antenna arrives. Thank you.  

01.28.2021: We're happy and healthy and back to full capacity.

We're shipping the long-awaited 28-foot version, once again. We know that was a long wait, phew. Thank you one and all for your patience. Our guru machinist stood his ground not letting a single 28' ship until it was perfect. Yes, we are blaming him. He said we could. The best part? Get this, ALL parts are handled and made, in-house. That's right, Made in Idaho, USA. Stronger, Smarter, and more Elegant.

Note: ALL 20-24' antennas are shipped or shipping to ALL customers. Let us know if you do not see movement on your 20-24' and we will give it a push out the door. We have enough parts to make antennas until the cows come home. Ham Radio is fun again. Pass it on. Thankful for the honor to serve you, folks.

01.14.2021: A productive week and a dance with Mother Nature who delivered a storm here in the Pacific Northwest that knocked down 1000's of trees and 100,000+ homes are w power in the region. Thankfully, we have b power for the lights and our team is working hard to keep antennas moving out. Thank you.

01.04.2021: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We are back in the warehouse on Monday. We were able to ship out all ham radio 20-24' antennas before the 1st of the year. This week we will tackle the larger antennas, painted poles, and other custom antenna projects. Ham radio is fun again. Pass it on. 

12.16.20: UPS is busy picking up Greyline HF Verticals & Flagpole Antennas this week escorting them to happy homes. We are thrilled to play a small role in the happiness of these operators as they turn on the radio and hear the bands full of signals.

12.02.20: Antennas and feed systems are moving slower than normal this week but they are indeed moving and we are well stocked for the “winter” months ahead. Thanks to our ham radio owned, small business suppliers. Support small business.

11.18.20: A first of several aluminum tubing loads arrives. 

September 2020: Note
: we are building more parts in-house as we transition away from supplier reliance going into the unknown fall season. Thanks for your patience. Smarter, Stronger and more Elegant. See these XYL approval Blog posts!

Greyline Ready-Rack for 20-24-28' - cut, drilled, sanded, cleaned, deburred, bagged, and ready for packaging.  


During Seasonal changes customers express wanting to get a head start on the ground work. 

Supply Chain Delays at large: We have worked closely with our suppliers to stock up on materials and parts that take us into the winter months. We are so thankful to have stock provided as we witness the largest distribution outlets alerting customers of l estimated into the fall season, in some cases. We experienced this COVID hiccup in the sourcing of materials during the spring ourselves and hope to have prepared enough ahead of any similar reactions in the future. Thanks to you for your understanding while we position for strength.

Sharing with the Ham Radio Small Business Community: 
We focus on buying from amateur radio small businesses where possible. All materials are premium grade and Made in the USA. 

We know that you want you on the air ASAP.
We are hams too and get it. We do our best to expedite your order the day it's ready for shipment. Thank you.

Note: Reserving your antenna now secures a buyer's position in the production line as we are first-come, first-served (no exceptions). 

Payments are deferred
We are authorizing your card at the time of order and capturing the payment at the time of shipment. Tracking is generated at that time as well. 

Pay by Check
Another option is to select at checkout, "Pay by Check" whereby you confirm and reserve your place in line for the next shipment without authorizing your card. We will contact you ahead of shipment when the antenna package is ready for you, to finalize payment then.


Real DX 160-6M at home or HOA.

- 4 Band DXCC in 3-months at my HOA.
- So pretty my XYL approves!
- If I can hear it, I can work it.

+ See customer install pics and Real DX stories:

+ The Benefits of Greyline Performance Antennas

Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegant multi band stealth HF vertical antennas!

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know

  • See our Feature on "Ham Talk Live" - Stealth Antennas & HOAs, here
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  • Tech Specs and Performance measures, here:
Ham Radio is fun again!

Greyline Performance


COVID-19 Notice for 2021: We remain grateful for a productive 2020 year playing a small role in providing Real DX thrills, useful emergency communications services, to welfare traffic and a real sense of security to our ham radio peers and professional customers.

In 2020, our Idaho and Utah operations were not locked down, thank goodness. We saw slow downs, shut downs, and still see widespread supplier delays throughout the RF markets.

That said, at Greyline, just as the end of the year was in sight, in late-November into late-December the corona virus finally brushed by one of our crew members sparking a series of quarantines for our entire antenna crew. This ended up becoming four separate two-week periods of quarantines. We have young people and veteran machine operators and managed strategic shift-adjustments to maintain progress. We borrowed labor from our more expensive machine specialists where we could to cover antenna crews out for quarantine. Needless to say, these rolling quarantines happened just when our largest truck loads of the year were arriving. Thanks, Murphy. 

The good news is that we managed to ship all 20-24' antennas before the NYE bell on January 1st. The 28-foot models are following close behind. Finally, as of January 5th, all but a one antenna team member is healthy and back to work and we expect her to return shortly. We are thankful and hopeful for a fulfilling 2021.