Assembly Documents

Need a manual or documents to help guide your approach in preparation of your Greyline Performance Vertical Dipole, Flagpole Antenna System build? Look over these documents for quick guidance. 

A visual “walk-through” pictorial
. Teen aged YL assembles a GP24, 24-foot Greyline DX Vertical

Want to talk? We are Ham Radio ops too and enjoy talking a moment on the phone,.. we are here for you: 435-200-4902 (USA W7: Mountain West, Idaho)


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  • XYL's have been reported to say, "Install it in the front yard." 
Smarter, Stronger, more Elegant (aesthetically pleasing for the most discerning partners, neighbors, & XYLs) - Yep, you're welcome!
Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on.

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