What To Expect

: During COVID in 2020, we experienced our share of delays that served to prepare us for 2021. We saw large brand named vendors and smaller suppliers both declare delays from the supply chain. Even the large advertisers in QST asked for 3-6 months for some of their product lines. Times continue to be tough for some but many kept pushing through to 2021 and we are grateful to be among this network of small, ham radio owned businesses and partners supporting our peers at large. 

We are honored to serve you in this manner with a smarter design, accurate and stronger engineering, and more aesthetically pleasing, elegant options for your HF radio antenna needs. HOAs and XYLs approve! Ham Radio is indeed fun again. 

Many questions and helpful topics are discussed in our FAQ pages.

After your Order

Upon ordering you will receive an email with digital copies of some or all of these:

  • Operators Manual
  • Antenna Specifications
  • Installation / Assembly Instructions 
  • Parts List 

The Antenna shipment will include a parts list and assembly instructions.

Shipment, Included in the Order:

  • Your Antenna, a DX Vertical or DX Flagpole Vertical-Dipole Antenna
  • Greyline Feed System
  • Premium RF Choke (slip on or snap on)
  • Hardware
  • Flag and all flag accessories. (if Flagpole Antenna)
  • Greyline Performance Owners Manual 
  • Free Shipping USA (DX Shipping is discounted as well)

*Note: The feed system, tuner, and antenna may be shipped in separate shipments

Shipping and Update Alerts via Text or Email

You will receive various alerts as each package ships and arrives at your destination. In some cases, this is within a few days and others the process can take 2-3 weeks. (remember, it's hand-made in the USA)

Your Tracking Shipment Alerts will reflect packages containing:

  • Antenna System
  • Feedline System and Hardware (includes Flag accessories if applicable)
  • Remote Antenna Tuner
  • Other

Processing Time

Watch our Status Page for updates to best judge timing.  

We strive for same to next day shipments from stock on hand. That said, we do sell out and can experience 1-3 weeks processing times as well. We appreicate your patience in any case while we prepare your order. 

Important note: Loyalty to our Ham Radio Owned Small Business Partners:

We are thankful for our suppliers who continue to keep our shelves full of raw material. Our vendors for various specialty products were slow at times during 2020 but they came through for us. Together, we made it to 2021 and the future looks brighter for it. 

On that note, we remain loyal to sourcing our materials from amateur radio owned small businesses where possible. We seek out small high-quality boutique operations that are known for exceptional craftsmanship especially during this time when so many need our collective support. We are patient to stick with them while they provide services for us all. On top of this, we are careful to select only the very best in premium grade materials, Made in the USA. We hope you can appreciate that when you open your box from us.

Expediting Your Project:

We are ham radio operators, contesters, and DXers just like you are. We know getting your antenna on the air as soon as possible is of the utmost importance for most of you. It sure is for us! We promise to rush your new Greyline DX Antenna to you anywhere in the world! (like one radio operator who just took his DX Flagpole to Afghanistan!) 


We're doing our very best to produce high quality, multi band options that get you on the air with Real DX confidence that's stronger, smarter and more elegant than other options. We want you, your XYL or partner, and your family and friends to be proud of your purchase. We hear neighbors compliment folks and ask where to get one too!  Stay safe out there.


Thank you,

73 Greyline Performance


After you placed the order, you received an email or SMS confirmation of that order. You can click the link in that notification return to a "thank you page" to check your order status! Or see our Status Page for general updates. Of course, if you have other questions, see use our Contact Page. Thank you!


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