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Customer Reviews

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  • So pretty my XYL asked me to install it in the front yard. Imagine that. The front yard!
  • 4 Band DXCC this summer from my HOA
  • My wife appreciates the compliments from the neighbors, and it reminds her of her Father's Flagpole. Thank you.
  • If I can hear it, I can work it. It hears very well.
  • 30W and a couple of hours, I worked the entire planet on FT8

The past several years is full of learning experiences and we remain grateful for the opportunity to improve.

We are honored to serve you, and our peers, to play a small role in your enjoyment of RF, and do hope that we inspire you to get on the air with Real DX confidence.

"It Works AND Greyline Warranty Is For Real - AA5DV - Just wanted you to know --- Greyline replaced my Vertical Antenna --- No Questions asked!" 





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Proudly displaying "Old Glory" and working the world!

At the age of 79 was able to install the 20ft flagpole antenna without help, which surprised me. I installed solar lights above and below the flag and it's a beautiful sight at night. I attached the ladder line directly to the ground and long wire terminals on the MFJ tuner and it works perfectly. Very low SWR on all bands. In spite of poor band conditions I have been having a blast. Frankly, it tickles me to have my antenna sticking up in my front yard in plain site. My neighbors love it and the HOA is clueless. 73's, Kelly K4SLE

Latest review

Band conditions have been tough running barefoot, but I have been working DX on 20 meters! DL, SM, YU, RU, ZS, TI all in a single morning with only 70 watts. In fact i have had so much fun being back on the air i have made the decision to replace my aging 30+ year old Kenwood with a new radio. I been pleased with the antenna and my neighbors have been pleased with the look of the flagpole.

A Worthy Investment

I purchased two chokes, the coax to ladder line choke from the tuner output to the antenna ladder line and the coax to coax choke that I have installed at the radio. These work very nicely to tame noise. It's a worthwhile investment. The mini choke works better than the MFJ one that I originally was using.

My new DX 28 flagpole vertical antenna

The weather finally allowed me to complete the installation of my new DX-28. During the many storms, I was able to build and piece the antenna into three separate sections, preparing it for final installation once the ground dried out. After several weeks of poor weather, I was able to finish the installation which only took an hour. The machining quality and materials of this antenna is impressive. I used the LDG RT-100 ATU, ladder line to PL259 500 watt line isolator, with LMR400 coax. Within the first hour of operating, I made 15 contacts with 5-9-9 signal reports. I gave this 4 stars only because there was a few missing parts which greyline resolved quickly with a phone call.

Great Option for HOA restricted Amatuers

This is a great solution for HOA restricted Amateurs. No one in my neighborhood realizes it's an antenna, except for the neighbors I've actually told - otherwise they would never have known. Having a helper insert the assembled flagpole inside the PVC sleeve (that's in the concrete) is a good idea. It's not heavy, just a little awkward alone.

The assembly of the antenna was relatively easy, but the documentation is spread out between a couple files and different locations on the website. While Jon was always helpful, it would go a long way to improve the documentation in a single concise file. I would be happy to assist Greyline in making this update or providing feedback.

One item of note, is the modification of the PL259 boss for soldering the ladder line. Ideally, this should be done on a drill press, it wasn't the easiest task with a hand drill and not having a vice. Greyline should consider pre-drilling the boss. The other issue I had was the supplied heat shrink with heat activated glue. It simply wouldn't work. I ended removing the glue, cutting the heat shrink, and taping it on... I'm not convinced this is even required if good precautions with No-Ox are made at the feedpoint with soldered terminals. I may be removing this.

Another update to the antenna would be to include Dacron rope - or perhaps as an upgrade option to alleviate rope replacement in a year or two.

The 3D printing of the stand-off insulators for the 450 ohm ladder line inside the aluminum is a novel idea and worked very well. However, it should be noted that the 3D printed ladder line to PL259 housing should be protected against UV. A short note in the manual would be a good idea, as well as protecting the snap-on chokes for the balun at the tuner input. This should be common sense, but a note would be helpful. I'm also wondering how long the flag hooks will last, they are plastic and appear to be 3D printed as well.

On-Air performance is very good, it compares well to a multi-band trapped dipole I have in my garage attic. Notably, it fills the gap in the dipole nulls off the tips. I am using the MFJ-993BRT tuner, as I already had it on-hand. I am finding that the tuner has some difficulty resolving a match to the antenna, and will not find a solution on 160M. I plan to take impedance measurements before winter. I believe this to be a tuner deficiency. I've made many contacts, domestic and DX (EU, SA, NA) on several bands.

The reason I'm giving the antenna 4 stars and not 5 stars is for the documentation deficiencies, the difficulty drilling the PL259 boss, and the work-around of the heat shrink / glue. I have more work to do regarding the tuner / impedance. I recently noticed that the screws for the bottom insulator were loose. This may have been an assembly issue on my part, but I will continue to monitor them, and apply blue Loctite if they loosen again.

In summary, I do think this is a great solution for HOA restricted Amatuers, and will get many people on the air that would not be otherwise. Some minor updates, in my opinion, would go a long way from making this a really good product to a great product.

Dennis KT8X

We are delighted for this review. Thank you for the detail and list format. We will implement many (or all) of these at our next meeting and revise some of our documents too. Appreciate this very much. Surely our peers and customers will appreciate your efforts for years to come. Thank you, sir! Ham Radio is fun again.... 73 Greyline


Very nice product! Worth the wait! I highly recommend Greyline Performance.

Performs as expected

A good station accessory to have. The CM choke performs as expected.

Great Antenna for HOA

All workmanship is really great. Flag is very good and made in the USA. It is not an all weather flag but still of good quality. Instructions are great. I had read from notations from from other owners on the Greyline site that on the ladder line the center conductor went on the top portion of the vertical antenna and the shield on the lower section. I’m glad that this was in the customer pointers. I used anti-seize on connector screws. I the components are stainless steel and anti- seize is normally used especially if going to remove antenna in the foreseeable future. I had some screws loosen (and they were tightened down well. I have since taken all lower section screws out and out on blue lock tite. SinceI have done that I issues. Due to supply issues I could not get the 600 watt tuner so was given some options and I took the 200 watt remote tuner version. It has worked very well. Later I want to get a full power remote tuner.

Very Happy, Works Great!

I am very pleased with my 24' Flagpole Antenna. Jon helped me over the phone to place my order and it took about 5 weeks for everything to arrive. The Flagpole, LDG 600 Tuner, and the Feedline and flag kit arrived in 3 separate shipments.

Assembly was fairly easy although I found some of the written instructions a bit ambiguous but Jon always answered my emails with either an email reply or a phone call. I was surprised on how strong the Flagpole is considering how light weight it is. Make sure you wear gloves when handling the fiberglass insulators. I decided to add the Palomar Engineers 1:1 Mini Balun and Maxi Choker to my assembly which I ordered directly from Palomar. My typical SWR readings are less than 1.3 or better on all bands and I am getting great signal reports! I plan on getting a 600 Watt amplifier this summer.

I ran LMR 400 Coax to feed the antenna and a heavy duty extension cord for powering a light to luminate my flag at night through conduit that I buried under ground (with my Echo Dot and a smart plug, it allows me to tell Alexa to turn the Flagpole light on and off). I purchased a concrete form tube to aid in concreting the PVC Sleeve in the ground. The antenna weighs less than 30 lbs. so it was very easy to set in place once the concrete cured. Hooking up to the ladder line and antenna was a breeze. Currently I have a nice planter placed upside down to cover the remote tuner. I think it looks great and my neighbors have commented on how nice my "Flagpole" looks. In my HOA , I would not be able to be on the air without my Greyline Performance Flagpole Antenna!


No Questions Asked

I ordered Greyline’ 28’ OCF Vertical Dipole October 25,2018 (Order #FP-55221014) I erected antenna in Happy Valley, Oregon (there is pix on their website). I am an 82-year-old Retired Episcopal Priest and did assembly myself which is good for this Extra Class ‘appliance operator’. This year we had a strange wind/ice storm which brought down some trees and large tree limbs, including all my antennas. It was a unique happening for ice formed very quickly and I could not lower flag which turned into a huge block of ice contributing to taking down my vertical flagpole antenna. I contacted Greyline about purchasing several sections and hardware for an attempted repair. Before getting any specific answer concerning needed parts, I got e-mail that package had been sent from Greyline. I was confused until a thirty-pound carton appeared on my front porch. Greyline had replaced my 28’ Flagpole Antenna, no questions asked. I never thought about this on Greyline’s first page of advertising for 28' DX Flagpole Antenna, Stealth HOA Vertical Antenna No Radials 160-6M
• Industry-leading 4-year warranty
Just wanted you to know --- Greyline replaced my Vertical Antenna --- No Questions asked! By the way it also Works!

Great Quality!

Just now getting started with the project (due to Pittsburgh winters). So far, the quality of materials far exceeds expectations.
Can’t wait to get this thing up and running.

Very Pleased @ DX is working very well

I'm very happy with my flagpole antenna. It took a little doing to get it in the ground with all my nosy HOA neighbors. No complaints from them. I have been making many contacts and yesterday I made a contact on 17 meters @ 8,632 miles- India from South Florida. It didn't last long but good enough to make it into my log. I hung a wire dipole for an alternate, but the Flagpole antenna was 2 S units above. John at Greyline has responded quickly to my many questions and got me up and on the air. I am new to Ham Radio so Johns help was very valuable.

I would very much recommend this flagpole antenna. Especially to those living where the HOA gestapo watching.


Bill Whittaker
USMC retired
Semper FI

28’ flagpole antenna

I was positively surprised with what strong and solid elements the mast was made of.

Finally have the antenna

I really glad that I have my antenna now. It fits in perfectly with my house and available space for an antenna.
I have the antenna mounted in a 4 foot long 12 inch diameter sonotube, with about 8 inches of gravel in the bottom and the rest in concrete. We have had winds of 30 MP/H this month and the antenna has been fine.

Here is the good stuff: After discovering and correcting that I was feeding the bottom 4 feet, and not the top 24 feet, this antenna can really transmit. I have been received on FT-8 as far away as Antarctica and Zambia transmitting at 40 watts. I have SWR readings mostly below 1.1 across 80 meters to 10 meters, thanks to the LDG antenna tuner. On 160 meters my SWR stays below 2. On 6 meters, the SWR gets up to 3, which is still usable.

I am still having issues with reception. I think it is mostly due to noise, and I am not blaming the antenna for this. The antenna sits 3 feet from my house, 18 inches from the eve. My local ordinances require the antenna to be set back from the property line by the antennas height, so not a lot of options for location at my house.

I recently added MFJ-915 common mode chokes to both ends of my feed-line, in addition to the Palomar unit provided by Greyline. This has significantly reduced my noise, at the cost of slightly worse SWR readings. I have not had much time to test with this new configuration. So far, my most distant SSB QSO has been 2 miles. I have more than a dozen FT-8 QSO's across the USA.

My only outstanding issue with the antenna is the flag pulley which goes at the top of the antenna. The one I received is twice the diameter of the antenna, so it won't clamp down on the antenna. I am still waiting to here back from Greyline on this issue.

In summary, this is a really nice antenna. It takes some time to get one, but I am happy now. I hope to resolve my noise and sensitivity issues eventually, but based on my transmissions, I don't think it is an antenna problem.

Les Hildenbrandt N1TS

20' DX Flagpole Antenna + LDG RT-600 Stealth Ham Radio in HOA
Greg Weber
20' DX Flagpole Antenna with LDG RT-600 Tuner

This antenna was easy to install and looks very good in my HOA environment. The SWR from 6M to 80M was typically 1.5 or better. So far I have been able to work FT8 in the US, Canada, Europe and South America. I'm very pleased with the performance of this antenna.

Working Great

Great SWR 40M thru 6M but not so good on 80M & 160M but it still makes contacts. I have worked 63 countries in my first month on FT8

63 DXCC’s in 1 month! Impressive result and beautiful antenna site! (See Reviews page for pics)

Note: We are in contact with James regarding 40-80M SWR. We believe 1.5 or better is routine and expected with this system arrangement. Ham radio is fun again!

4 Ft flagpole extender

Adding an additionial four feet radiating area to 20 ft antenna adds a statistically significant increase in total antenna efficiency. The antenna simply performs better. Glad I bought it.

Great for my HOA community!

This 16’ flagpole antenna is of very good quality and was easy to assemble. I chose to do a concrete foundation and when that was done it was up in no time. Propagation has not been good, but I have made contacts on 40 meters to the Pacific Northwest with my longest to Hawaii (I live near Phoenix, AZ). I am looking forward to better performance when the bands open this winter.

The antenna is 30’ from my shack and I am feeding it with LMR-400 in to a SG-237 coupler at the base of the antenna. My rig is a Yaesu FT-991a.

24' DX Flagpole Antenna + LDG RT-600 Stealth Ham Radio in HOA
Cliff Corcoran
Greyline 24' Flagole Antenna

I ordered the Greyline 24-foot DX flagpole Antenna plus LDG RT-600 Remote Antenna Tuner Bundle. The order was processed on the Greyline Webpage. I received an order confirmation and links to the system documentation.

Greyline isn’t Amazon, so it did take somewhat longer to receive my antenna and related equipment than I’d have preferred. When the antenna was ready for shipment, I received an E-Mail with tracking information. Within a few days I was able to track the antenna on the UPS site. The antenna arrived in good order. The feed and flag components arrived on a separate shipment, as did the remote tuner.

The instructions were clear, and the packing list is arranged in the order of assembly. I was very impressed with the quality of the parts, and that each antenna section was individually wrapped and labeled. The pre-drilled holes matched perfectly with the corresponding holes in the inter-section connection splices.

The antenna has fiberglass insulating splices between the ground mounting section and the lower (short active) section. Another fiberglass section is to electrically isolate the lower active section from the longer top section. The balance of the antenna has aluminum connection splices.

The feedline from the shack connects to a choke and a short jumper connects to the radio side of the remote tuner. Another short coax jumper goes from the tuner to the coax to ladder line adapter. I decided to not use the supplied 3d printed adapter, instead using the Palomar coax-ladder line adapter. The short jumpers are customer supplied. I used 1 Ft MPD-400 Superflex.

Ladder line is mounted within the lower active section and isolated from the inner sides of the tubing by a set of spacers that fit nicely in the tubing. The ladder line is split at the upper fiberglass splice with one wire connected to the lower section and the other to the longer upper sections. Hint: Mark one side of the ladder line so you can be sure you are matching the main conductor to the upper section.

I chose to use a tilt mount that I had from a prior installation. I shortened the supplied inground section to adapt it to the tilt mount. The lower fiberglass insulator isolates the antenna from being grounded by the mount.

Before mounting, I assembled the top truck, halyard and cleat for the flagpole. I added a gold colored Flagpole topper to add to the aesthetics and enhance the hiding in plain site stealth of the flagpole antenna. I covered the base and tuner with a large plastic flower pot that I had drilled and slipped onto the antenna before I attached it to the mount.

With the initial issues resolved, I am pleased with the operation of the antenna system. My rig measured SWR values are 10M 1.5, 12M 1.8, 15M 1.6, 17M 1.3, 20M 1.0, 30M 1.0, 40M 1.1, 60M 1.1, and 80M 1.6

It’s early with my operation with the flagpole antenna, but so far, I am pleased. I’ve made contacts from my Western Washington location to both European and far East stations using different different bands. The antenna looks great and the neighbors are just seeing an attractive flagpole as a nice addition to my property.

Hints: Wear gloves when handling the fiberglass insulating splices. Mark one of the conductors on the ladderline so you can be sure you have the top (long) section of the antenna connected to the center conductor from your radio. Do not use a balun but use the supplied adapter (requires some do it yourself) or the Palomar or similar coax to Ladder connection.

24' DX Flagpole Antenna + LDG RT-600 Stealth Ham Radio in HOA
Thomas Scott

24' DX Flagpole Antenna + LDG RT-600 Stealth Ham Radio in HOA

12' DX Flagpole Antenna, Stealth HOA Vertical Antenna No Radials 80-6M

20 Feet that reaches the world

I had almost given up on putting up any antenna that would allow contacts on 80 - 6 meters on this tiny mobile home lot. I have been heard all over the earth including Antarctica with 30 watts on FT8. Impressed by the quality of materials that this antenna is comprised of. Very pleased with the results! 73, phil KF6IF

Survived tropical storm of two tornadoes nearby!

The flagpole took approximately 3 hours to assemble and install (AFTER) I had already installed the PVC in a concrete base. The antenna with flag attached stood up very well during the recent tropical storm (with two tornadoes with in just a few miles). It is WELL manufactured and very strong. DE K3KZG

The antenna is out-standing (in my front yard). The company has resolved all of the complaints in my previous post and made some excellent changes to the product bundle. DE K3KZG

Beautiful Sturdy Flagpole Antenna! Work EU, SA, AF with 60W on FT8 & CW!

I installed the 20 foot Flagpole antenna in July. I had difficulty with connectors which I solved. It worked all bands, but the MFJ tuner failed 2 days after I had it working. It is still at MFJ getting a warranty repair (6+ weeks so far). Presently it is resonant on 20 meters and will tune 30 meters and 17 meters with only the Radio tuner. It is a beautiful Flagpole. I Keep it lighted at night. No complaints about appearance from the neighbors. I am regularly working Europe, South America. Africa and all of US with 60 watts on FT8 and CW. I have been able to work SSB contacts in Europe and South America on 20 meters as well. The antenna is an ideal solution for Hams in HOA communities. There are plenty of 20 foot flagpoles in my neighborhood. There is a code for them in the HOA handbook and our city Code as well. It meets all the requirements. It is a sturdy structure and looks like any other flagpole from 30 feet away or more. (Only difference is the bolts and the tuner). I have built a landscape block circle with 4 rows of stone. This effectively hides the tuner and balun at the base. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do HF and lives in a restricted community. Andy WJ8B