[A Call to Action] Limited Antennas Proposal, ARRL. HOA or small lot? That's you.

Limited Antennas Proposed to ARRL

Good News Alert! - You'll want to read this

Recently, N1EK prepared a proposal and submitted it to the various ARRL and Contesting committees. His Amateur Radio Club (ARC) actively discussed the various aspects of fairness and differences in terrain, antennas used, and the available categories of competition. You know, the current pages of results we find in CQ and QST magazines, in the various annual events held On the Air.

Using input from his Club discussions, N1EK decided to take action and drafted what looks to be the start of a very interesting Proposal to the contesting committees at large, a "Proposal for Limited Antenna Acknowledgment in Contests" dated 6/30/22. (Click the link to download the PDF from this website)

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As many of us enjoy in addition to other aspects, the competitive nature, or Radio Sporting of Ham Radio, we are aware that the current categories are not designed for the current majority, or so it seems.

The spirit of this new proposal is a 599+ signal transmitting from the majority which simply wish to revise the playing field to include this majority to play (and compete) more fairly, maybe even for recognition. So that the HOA radio operator, small urban, or suburban QTH using a Flagpole Antenna or a single wire (limited antenna) along the fence line may have a proper place for competing (or comparing) with their own kind, or their own track record, which so many of us do. 

Many of us see the comparison all the time... The YL with the little vertical in the garden is lumped into the very same tally as the Big Rancher that has a fully mature Antenna Farm growing on his rolling hills of pasture. We've all at least dreamt of the perfect manicured 4-Squares with rose bushes below each vertical element, right?

In any case, I think that we are expecting something more than a mere suggestion that pushes the proposal back to a local club for recognition in your hometown club coffee hour notation, of course. This majority seems to be savvy and healthy over all for our global fraternal order and it's highly likely they are wanting only to see achievement of merits counted fairly, stemming from their peanut whistle. 

Is it possible fairness may prevail? Will those who hold the reins give an inch to the majority that supports them so well? We shall see...

There has been much frustration with these requests in the past. As is seemingly typical, those who have "it," don't want to give "it" up.

This reminds me, and some of you may recall, of the age-old and heated battle for simple recognition of SO1R vs SO2R category separation. It took a while but "they" did acquiesce in recent times offering an (*) asterisk next to the SO2R operations.

This is, mind you, on the honor system. Join us in wishing them (GL) good luck! And, let's not forget to offer a round of applause to N1EK and his friends for the proposal now in motion.

ACTION YOU can take right now:
Consider approaching your ARC (Amateur Radio Club) and drafting a similar proposal to be submitted to your local ARRL representative, the magazine editors, and your friends. Ham Radio is fun again. Pass it on... 

In other news...

Have you checked out our YouTube Channel? We have a few short videos on the air working DX... (we'll add more) Add us to your list.

Cycle 25 is offering so much more fun on the bands than we experienced just 3-6 months ago. 6M is open ALOT and the bands are full of DX. Are you using a small antenna? What is it and what DX are you working? Let us know in the notes below...

July 5th, Prices must go up, a little...
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*Picture of antennas on the dock ready to go to an important customer, and more on the way! Feels good to be sharing the spirit of Real DX!

Speaking of spirit. The spirit of engagement with our network of suppliers and vendors is giving and sharing. We are all grateful for the opportunity to serve our community at large. Thank you so much. It's a privilege to share your project with hand-picked, uber-talented, radio-focused Designers and Engineers.

As we've written in the past... 

Loyalty: American Small Business - We partner with ham-radio-owned small businesses that need our collective support. We make a real effort to partner with and buy supplies from well-respected small businesses that focus on you. Oftentimes, really small. Some of these businesses may rely on our collective goodwill to feed their families. We are proud and loyal to support our peers (that includes you) in this way. Also, we take pride in hiring and training locally by teaching the skills of the manufacturing trades to a young and eager workforce. We are grateful to have access to an array of CNC machinery and expert machine operators. We are pleased to offer 'Made in USA’ packages as well. Thank you for supporting small businesses in America.

This is a labor of love for us and we will keep it that way. Thanks to you.

Would you like to work the world from home, in the fanciest, fussiest HOA, or from your RV or campsite? Now you and your friends can join the fun with Real DX Confidence.

We wish you a summer (NA customers) of unlimited DX radio signals, family fun, and DX adventures. 

We get it, we do it too:

73 Greyline Performance
Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegant (YL's approve!)

PS. Want more video on-air action? Here is 20-minutes on the CW bands, check it out, here

Psst. Don't forget to share the good news, Pass it on to a friend. Let's enjoy the radio adventures, together.

Have a great weekend...  and in the USA, a safe and meaningful, 4th of July!




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