During COVID, Ham Radio Innovates Inspiring Record Breaking Remote Licensing

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During COVID-19, Ham Radio is fun again! 

Hello Radio friends. First, it is our sincere hope that you and your family are well during this uncertain time of COVID-19. Our role as Ham Radio operators has been called into action like never before owing to Hollywood and your local news.

It's daily now that we can find more good news about how Ham Radio is playing a vital role in emergency response networks. One ARC President in California stated, “Ideally, you have at least one HAM radio operator embedded in each neighborhood.” [1] 

June 2020 update: Talk about fun, K3WA continues to rack up 1000+ Q's per contest and he reported running Europe on 80M in January with his 20' DX Flagpole. See his story, here.

What can we do to help?

Recently, I contacted my (Idaho) Section Manager and asked how one could lend a helping hand. I was told there was a Section Emergency Manager position open, among others. There may be open positions in your region. Consider contacting your section manager to offer support or make an inquiry. The ARRL publishes contact information for each Section Manager. [2] 

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Hams are Innovating during COVID-19 - Online Testing is up, in record numbers

We have witnessed the Anchorage ARC KL7AA [3] lead the way to make Remote Online License Exams available for all of us around the world thus contributing to a record number of licensed hams joining the ranks since the Coronavirus Outbreak. Yes, you can get licensed from your kitchen table!

Ham Radio License Testing Goes Remote: Meet KL7AA

Know anyone wanting to get a ham radio license? We've seen a spike in Ham Radio interest in the media and ARC Amateur Radio Clubs are answering the call to this surge in demand.

One example, the Anchorage ARC, in Alaska is offering Remote Ham Radio License Exams (VEC) online nationally, whereby a newly minted Ham has his/her callsign issued within the hour of passing the test, again, from their kitchen table.

Have you heard of this? See the details of the pivot in thinking being done by the KL7AA team, here: https://kl7aa.org/vec/remote-testing/

It's a Good Time To Tell Your Friends & Family About Ham Radio

With this surge in interest in disaster preparations,  the Ham Radio spirit is alive and well. Now is a great time to tell your friends, family, and peer groups about our local and global hobby. As a lifeline, we are naturally well positioned for these unique circumstances. 

Now it's simple to get licensed and choose a quality radio and antenna delivered to your door. We like the ICOM 7300 for its low price, high quality, and versatility. This pairs well with our all-band antenna systems, the DX Vertical and DX Flagpole Antennas. This can be launched and operational within an hour or two and notably without leaving the safety of your home.

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20M spot map by DXMAPS (today)

Would you like to know how loud you are on the bands and where in the world you are being heard? Try this easy 1-minute exercise for real results:

FT8 Map showcases the entire planet "live" on the air.
See the map, here: https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html

RBN Signal Datahttp://www.reversebeacon.net/srch.php
1. Find a clear frequency in the CW band
2. Call "CQ CQ your-call your-call"
3. Type your name in the Spot Search
4. See where you are heard around the world.


Greyline Needs Your Help to Innovate 

At Greyline Performance, we would like to pivot our products and services to be even more useful during this time and beyond. Will you answer a few questions in our survey to help us learn more about you, our peer group? 

This survey is anonymous and helps us choose which product to launch next. 

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Jerry uses the 28' DX Flagpole Antenna. He writes, "the band conditions have been bad but the good news is that the 28' flagpole antenna is working much better than I expected. With the EFLW, could only work the pacific and rarely heard Europe. Here is a snapshot of just a few minutes using WSJT-X (FT8) and PSK Reporter." - Jerry/NC7U 

Greyline: Thanks, Jerry! The Flagpole looks great and obviously gets out well too!


What Customers are saying

- "Real DX 160-6M at my HOA"
- "4 Band DXCC in 3-months at my HOA."
- "So pretty my XYL approves!"
- "If I can hear it, I can work it."


COVID PROMO: No code needed

On that note, we are making it easy to get on the air, 160-6M with a single antenna. With any antenna purchase, a buyer receives Free Shipping, the RF Choke, Feed Kit, and Flag Kit. Made in USA. Reserve now, pay when the package ships. 

We are honored to serve you, our peers, with a more useful service that many cite, is Smarter, Stronger & more Elegant than other all-band options.

  • Select your DX Flagpole or DX Vertical Antenna (or package)
  • Included: Greyline DX Premium Feed Kit  
  • Included: Premium Flag Kit (Flag, truck, cleat, clips, rope)
  • Included: Premium 3KW 1:1 RF Choke
  • You bring the radio, we provide the rest to plug n play on the radio waves
  • Reserve antenna, pay when item ships 

    Pass it on to your friends.


Will you share your DX adventures with us? Please send in a picture or YouTube video of your shack, antenna, or some action shots of the bands coming alive. We'd love to share your story of good news with our peers around the world at large. Email: flagpoleantennas@gmail.com  - Thank you!

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73 and DX!


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News Article: https://www.hmbreview.com/news/ham-radio-operators-seek-greater-role-in-emergencies/article_c0e228b8-0657-11ea-9f93-53cb1b5fb037.html?fbclid=IwAR3WeWYrGZUftA3uZMqSKfZC_3f1lnSWdg9iZpe01g2vFnRFyb36n7E8PAM
ARRL Section Managers List: http://www.arrl.org/sections
Anchorage ARC: https://kl7aa.org/vec/remote-testing/
Club Log Most Wanted List: https://secure.clublog.org/mostwanted.php

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