mfj, 994brt, antenna tuner, atu, flagpole antenna, vertical antenna, stealth, hoa, ham radio, remote
mfj, 994brt, antenna tuner, atu, flagpole antenna, vertical antenna, stealth, hoa, ham radio, remote

MFJ 994BRT Remote Antenna Tuner, 600W for 160-10M, Includes Bias Tee

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Greyline Performance, Home of the "DX Flagpole Antenna" and the HF vertical antenna offers the remote tuners our customers use most.

We realize many customers have concerns with certain brands and quality. Rest easy, our engineer reassures us all that tuners, in general, are hard to get wrong. 

The MFJ and LDG remote tuners offer compelling price points and work great with our antennas. Just watch the power rating limits of these tuners. Others prefer a premium brand tuner and we offer those too. Pricing ranges from $200 to $3000 per unit. We hope you'll educate yourself and choose the right tuner for your needs. In any case, those listed here will work great with our antennas. Remember, have fun and we will see you On The Air! 

Remote IntelliTuner is mounted in a durable hard plastic case that measures just 9 1/4W x 3H x 14 1/4D inches. Covers 1.8 to 30 MHz, have heavy-duty 16 Amp/1000 Volt relays, and are a highly efficient L-network. It also includes the MFJ-4117 BiasTee Power Injector to send DC/RF down your coax. (no extra power cabling needed)

MFJ-994BRT handles 600 Watts.

Intelligent Ultra-Fast Tuning

MFJ’s InstantRecall first checks its memory to see if you have operated this frequency before. If so, tuning is instantaneous and you’re ready to operate. If not, MFJ’s IntelliTuner algorithm -- based on MFJ’s famous SWR Analyzer technology -- kicks in. It measures the complex impedance of your antenna. Next, it calculates the components it needs and instantly snaps them in. Then, it fine-tunes to minimize SWR -- you’re ready to operate. It’s all done in a fraction of a second.

As always, with high power, consider double-checking your radio station grounding plans and always follow the ARRL RF Guidelines. Learn more here:

Product Support for the MFJ-994 BRT can be found, here:

We've been hearing good things about MFJ honoring warranties in regards to quickly repairing products where appropriate. We think this is a good option for the price.

Order an MFJ Remote Tuner with a DX Flagpole Antenna or HF Vertical antenna and get a special bundle discount. 

Note on Availability: All Tuner Manufacturers have seen slower production levels in 2020 and 2021 as of May 2021. LDG stopped producing their higher power remote tuners completely. MFJ has seen 2-week to 3-month delays and is back-ordered. MFJ would like to be caught up by June.  

Customer Reviews

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Ronnie Woods
Great Antenna for HOA

All workmanship is really great. Flag is very good and made in the USA. It is not an all weather flag but still of good quality. Instructions are great. I had read from notations from from other owners on the Greyline site that on the ladder line the center conductor went on the top portion of the vertical antenna and the shield on the lower section. I’m glad that this was in the customer pointers. I used anti-seize on connector screws. I the components are stainless steel and anti- seize is normally used especially if going to remove antenna in the foreseeable future. I had some screws loosen (and they were tightened down well. I have since taken all lower section screws out and out on blue lock tite. SinceI have done that I issues. Due to supply issues I could not get the 600 watt tuner so was given some options and I took the 200 watt remote tuner version. It has worked very well. Later I want to get a full power remote tuner.