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Ham Radio is fun again, 160-6M at your Home or HOA!

About Us:

We are a small group of very active, lifelong (35+ years) ham radio enthusiasts with families and a passion for RF and HF radio which for many of us includes our global fraternal hobby of Ham Radio which has been so good to us, maybe just like you.

Our purpose is to design and provide smarter, stronger and more elegant HF RF radio antenna systems.

Our philosophy is not only to provide more intelligent antenna systems that your government agencies can enjoy but also the most discerning neighbor, wife or partner can also be proud of.

We intend always to identify and share with boutique shops that often have quietly amazing and accomplished RF engineers and antenna designers hiding in obscure places, sometimes in plain sight.

We truly focus on finding the best of breed and work hard to bring their products to market with ours in a simple approach so that you, the customer can truly plug and play our systems for the high performance results we stand behind, everyday.

Before you buy any antenna, consider learning about why we say "Smarter, Stronger and more Elegant than other options," along with our claims of high-performance, low loss, low angles and lower noise too.

We offer only Real DX antennas and our hope is that you will inquire with us before purchasing elsewhere. You want a Real DX antenna that backs up the wild claims, right? We enjoy talking radio too, so please call us or write in, today.

Phone in USA +1 435-200-4902
eMail: flagpoleantennas@gmail.com 
9-5 PST USA Mountain West Region

A little more about us....

Team Highlights:

- ARRL Antenna Design Awards - Winner! It's true, the ARRL "Antenna of the Year" Award was won by one of our friends, a career Broadcast Engineer and antenna designer extraordinaire. Congrats, John! We're all thankful for your contributions to the hobby! 

[08.08.20 update] John is a speaker at the QSO Today Ham Fair (link)

W6NBC's Bio:

John Pontune is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He was licensed 1965, Extra 1972. He is a 10 yr. resident of the UK and has a current British license MØGCK. He has two commercial licenses: GROL and General Radio Telegraph. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Oregon State University 1960. John is a retired from being a TV broadcast television engineer/instructor for KNBC Ch 4 in Burbank, CA, and Sony Broadcast in the San Francisco area. He is a Team Leader for amateur and commercial license testing including “Ham License in One Day” quarterly seminars, Laurel VEC, ARRL/W5YI/, National Radio Examiners, and Commercial License CE. John is also a published magazine author: QST (26 articles to date 2020), World Radio, 73 and others. He recieved 5 QST Cover Plaque Awards: First Place (VHF) 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition, QST Cover Oct. 2019. John is active on HF, VHF and UHF – SSB, AM, CW, FM, and digital modes. AMSAT satellite user. John is a frequent speaker at ham radio clubs: Past President, Satellite ARC, Vandenberg AFB, and San Gabriel Valley Radio Club. He also gives webinars and remote teleconference club presentations. John enjoys steam railroading, the pipe organ and is a sushi enthusiast. John is married and has 3 children and 12 grandchildren and counting.

- Real Engineering: Our structural engineer pal has earned his chops alongside savant antenna designers in both the Ham and Professional markets. He's analyzed every aspect of structure and materials to be certain our claims are solid. Thank you, sir.

- Warehouse Afficianados: We enjoy a solid team with decades of complex problems under their belt. Add an array of CNC machines that challenge any metal shop in the land in 2021 and you've got the best product possible for quality and strength. This team just won't stop improving until technology and wisdom run out, "It's not rocket science guys" we've heard said around the shop many times. Anything to get them to quit tinkering for a minute so we can get the antennas out to the customers. We could pour on the deep sea and deep space experience into your antenna and probably already do, just a little. Welcome to Greyline. 

- Experienced, Veteran Ops
: Our GM has been QRV for 40-years and was honored to compete as a member of 'Team USA' at WRTC 2014 in Boston. He says, "I just heard that our contest station in the Caribbean uses the OCF design to compete on the world stage!" We're on the right track!

What customers are saying:

  • Performance is fantastic! Many, many signals on FT8.
  • Highly Recommended for HOA and CC&R Restricted Ham Radio QTHs. 
  • Got Indonesia this morning on 40m SSB with 100 watts. 9,000 miles!
  • Equal or better signals than taller verticals requiring radials and it's stealth!
  • It tunes on all bands less than 1.5, and 160 takes 1kW just fine!
  • Performance has been beyond my expectation. The reception is unbelievable! Many many stations and much quieter than my EFLW.

Read more Customer Reviews in our FAQ's.

From the Beginning:

"It started as a simple desire to just get back on the air with a real signal again while raising my young family," says Jon KL2A, Founder of Greyline Performance and Member of Team USA in WRTC 2014.

Jon stumbled upon an opportunity to tinker with antennas and tune the bands once again, maybe an activity many of you can relate to. Referring to the OCF design, "the results were suprising, impressive even, and pretty quick during the weekend of testing a couple of years ago it also caught the attention of several other operators who called in on the air, who seemed to realize this was no ordinary vertical and wanted one for their QTH too. It was eye-opening that these guys were so quick to want one!" Jon exclaimed.

It was this report that prompted Jon to make it his personal mission to refine and build more of these smarter, more elegant vertical antennas for fellow radio operators that might be in a similar place, that is, not necessarily able to put up a large tower or simply wanting a really good second antenna.

"One bonus here is when my YL actually said she liked the shiny flagpole antenna in the garden. Imagine that... this was certainly a first for me too! Just maybe this aesthetically-pleasing antenna helps others get the buy-in from their partners to get back on the air too." he said.

“It’s a real thrill to hear stories like mine from all over the world. Folks call in with a common tone I've noticed. It's a nostalgic-excitement that is truly contagious, it's in their voices when they talk about wanting to work Real DX signals again, and for some it's after 30 years of being off the air. Remember, many of these guys have been in restricted space QTH’s or HOA communities for a long time.” He adds, “it’s an honor to talk to these returning hams in many cases, really get to know them and play a small role in getting them back on the bands, one radio op at a time.”


Coming Soon: We're announcing more useful antenna designs soon. Join the mailing list in the bottom right hand corner of the website and watch our news Blog for hints on these new product drops. We hope to hear your story on the air soon too.

Would you like Real DX from your QTH or HOA? Before you buy, study our design and see why veteran contesters and Disaster Relief and Emergency Management professionals call our antenna system, high performance.

Ham Radio is fun again!

- Greyline Performance


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