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Smarter, Stronger and more Elegant. "Ham Radio is fun again!" 

COVID-19 Notice for 2021: We remain thankful for a productive year amongst playing a small role in providing Real DX and emergency communications to our peers and customers. In 2020, our Idaho and Utah operations were not closed down by state lock down orders, thank goodness. However, just as the end of the year was in sight, in late-November into late-December the corona virus passed near one of our crew members sending the entire antenna crew home twice, both for two-week periods out of an abundance of caution. We have young people and seasoned veteran machine operators and shift-adjustments were needed to maintain progress. Things slowed down for a time. We borrowed labor from machine specialists where we could to cover those out for quaratine. Needless to day, these rolling quarantines happened just when our largest truck loads of the year were arriving. Thanks, Murphy. 

The good news is that we managed to ship all 20-24' antennas before the NYE bell on January 1 as evidenced by the high-stack of tracking numbers. The 28-foot models are in processing and follow close behind for departure from our facility in the coming days ahead. Finally, as of January 5th, all but a one antenna team member is healthy and back to work and we expect her to return shortly. We are thankful and hopeful for a good 2021.

Status updated [01/05/2021]

Stock Note: We are stocked with antenna tubing. (20' tubes pictured) Made in the USA, Idaho. Support local.  

greyline hf vertical antennas, dx flagpole antennas

Hand made: Each piece is cut, drilled, deburred, polished-sanitized, bagged and labeled, before packaged and shipped, to you. Lots of hands on goes into Greyline antennas.


01.14.2021: A productive week and a dance with Mother Nature who delivered a storm here in the Pacific Northwest that knocked down 1000's of trees and 100,000+ homes are weithout power in the region. Thankfully, we have back up power for the lights and our team is working hard to keep antennas moving out. Thank you.

01.04.2021: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We are back in the warehouse on Monday. We were able to ship out all ham radio 20-24' antennas before the 1st of the year. This week we will tackle the larger antennas, painted poles, and other custom antenna projects. Ham radio is fun again. Pass it on. 

12.16.20: UPS is busy picking up Greyline HF Verticals & Flagpole Antennas this week escorting them to happy homes. We are thrilled to play a small role in the happiness of these operators as they turn on the radio and hear the bands full of signals.

12.02.20: Antennas and feed systems are moving slower than normal this week but they are indeed moving and we are well stocked for the “winter” months ahead. Thanks to our ham radio owned, small business suppliers. Support small business.

11.18.20: A first of several aluminum tubing loads arrives. 

RF Chokes are provided by highly-regarded RF Engineers and their small businesses.

RF Chokes for Greyline HOA Flagpole and DX Vertical HF Antennas

September 2020: Note
: we are building more parts in-house as we transition away from supplier reliance going into the unknown fall season. Thanks for your patience. Smarter, Stronger and more Elegant. See these XYL approval Blog posts!

Greyline Ready-Rack for 20-24-28' - cut, drilled, sanded, cleaned, deburred, bagged, and ready for packaging.  


During Seasonal changes customers express wanting to get a head start on the ground work. 

Supply Chain Delays at large: We have worked closely with our suppliers to stock up on materials and parts that take us into the winter months. We are so thankful to have stock provided as we witness the largest distribution outlets alerting customers of long-delays estimated into the fall season, in some cases. We experienced this COVID hiccup in the sourcing of materials during the spring ourselves and hope to have prepared enough ahead of any similar reactions in the future. Thanks to you for your understanding while we position for strength.

Sharing with the Ham Radio Small Business Community: 
We focus on buying from amateur radio small businesses where possible. All materials are premium grade and Made in USA. 

We know that you want you on the air ASAP.
We are hams too and get it. We do our best to expedite your order the day it's ready for shipment. Thank you.

Note: Reserving your antenna now secures a buyers position in the production line as we are first come, first served (no exceptions). 

Payments are deferred
We are authorizng your card at the time of order and capture the payment at the time of shipment. Tracking is generated at that time as well. 



Real DX 160-6M at home or HOA.

- 4 Band DXCC in 3-months at my HOA.
- So pretty my XYL approves!
- If I can hear it, I can work it.

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Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegant multi band stealth HF vertical antennas!

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