Greyline prepares a rack of Flagpole Antennas To Go #hamradio

Extra! Extra! Greyline Performance is shipping another batch of Flagpole Antennas. Have you reserved yours?

Pictured: 50 Greyline Flagpole Antennas shipping to Amateur Radio operators.

Note: All hardware is attached upon arrival. You will need to remove a couple of bolts from one end of each section to slide the next over and re-fasten. Repeat from the bottom up. Simple enough, right?

October 10, 2022 [update]

We've stocked the shelves again with 100 antennas on the shelf ready to fly home to you. Packages shipping daily.

June 22, 2022:

Warm-up those HF ham radios the bands are heating up! We are grateful to announce that a group of lucky (and patient) radio operators are about to open their wireless ticket to the world…

Want to see how we assemble the sections together? The link below shows a teenage girl, or young lady (YL) taking a box off this same stack pictured and assembling a GP24, a 24-foot Greyline Flagpole Antenna, in 15-minutes (minus the feed system kit). 

Sample Assembly Look Book

Last summer we put together another series of assembly pictures and videos in rural Alaska.

Sample Assembly with Video

Highlights worthy of note: 

This Video shows the smooth, firm fit of the sections and how they go together.

This image shows round metal rods inside the antenna tubing. "What is that," you ask? This is to avoid through-bolting which can be problematic for those of us with big wrenches. This helps us all avoid that.

Pro-tip: Remember to remove only the two bolts (not all four) where the next section will slide over, and then replace the hardware. 

For more install and assembly help, see our Assembly Documents linked at the bottom of every page.


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