Introducing the DX Flagpole Antenna | 160-6M HF Vertical Dipole VDA

Recommended to anyone with HOA restrictions!

Meet our latest product, the DX Flagpole Antenna, an off-center-fed (OCF) vertical dipole antenna with a confident 80-6M performance. Let's get our friends back on the air. Useful for HOA approval, Portable (Field Day), EMCOMM Quick-Deploy, and Airline Compliant Travel (DXpeditions, Contests, etc

Stealth Flagpole Specs

  • HOA Approved
  • Very Smart Design Rugged Engineering & Materials 
  • No Radials (!)
  • Available sizes 12', 16', 20', and 28' foot Flagpole Antennas
  • "Best in Class" could be, based on EZNEC side by side data
  • Low Losses throughout (surprisingly low in the 12 and 16' poles too)
  • Easy Install, Dig post hole, drop in, plug n play
  • Free Shipping in the USA + Reasonable Worldwide Shipping 

For more information, visit our website ( to browse the FAQ's and Product Details. We think you'll be pleased.

Please share with your friends! They will thank you.

73 Greyline Performance Team

Flagpole Specs vs. Other Antennas

Flagpole Performance from 80-10M


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