Traveling Speaker Series "Antenna Tech Talk" for Radio Clubs and HOA ARC's

At Greyline Performance, Ham Radio is fun for us! We hope the same for you... 

We are honored to serve you, our peer group in this small way.

This website is an offering to you of what we hope is something of real value to you, our peers. Our team and associates at large offer to you, here, Antenna Systems and parts, simplified wisdom from pros, knowledge, and various writings, published Magazine articles, 3D files (to download for your use free of charge), YouTube videos, Zoom meetings for clubs, and the occasional Hamvention appearance too. We are radioactive, tinkerers, and RF curious, maybe just like you.

Prior to 2020, outside of our quest to provide quality products from our ever evolving Flagpole Antenna and Vertical Dipole lines, we began to explore ways to give back even further. We announced our speaker series to several Amateur Radio Clubs and Conventions that may enjoy more content and variety in their programs. As we have spent time researching uncommon antenna designs that reportedly work well for the average ham to the advanced, we wanted to offer this methodology for discussion at large.

The goal has always been Smarter, Stronger, and Elegant products that are undoubtedly high-end made of high-grade materials yet designed in a way that is accessible for the "Joe Ham" in all of us. Of course, this must be simplified for all bands with a small footprint, and of course, stealthy. There are wives, partners, families, and neighbors to consider for many of us. XYLs love Greyline Antennas, you can be certain. After overcoming all of that, the problem of physics remains a constant endeavor. We want you happy and on the air feeling loud. We believe we have accomplished this for those without a tower in their yard.

Would you like to learn more? Your club members may like to listen in too. Learn more about us, our simple approach to antenna design and antenna technologies, and get in touch with us. We just may visit your next club meeting. 

73 Greyline Performance

* For the past few years Zoom has been the preferred method for gathering. Here is a YouTube presentation with a fellow RF designer regarding the Greyline Flagpole Antenna System and how it works: Enjoy that, here.


More about us... 

As our antenna designs are a bit uncommon in the 'business as usual' ham radio circles, we've heard your call and we may be speaking at an event near you. We want you back on the air!

Learn about the background, body of work, and awards received in the field of antenna innovation and exploration.

Most importantly, we are radio ops just like you and it is a real treat to have the chance to help so many of you get back on the air again with real DX Confidence!

Our Greyline Performance Flagpole Antenna (dubbed the DX Flagpole) is one of many designs our antenna design team has engaged in. One of our friends has a large body of work showcased in QST and other publications. He's gained recognition for his work in simplifying antennas for the average ham, maybe allowing folks to get back on the air from restricted space areas, for example.

As for the DX Flagpole, this antenna has been around for many years. Legacy ham radio vendors have sold it in years past. We mainly sell directly to the consumer at this time. You can Tune the bands today and hear folks happily (and with a great signal!) working DX with the DX Flagpole and DX Vertical line of vertical dipole antennas.
As for QST, we know a perpetual QST Author, Plaque Winner for his writings showcased several times per year, and an Annual Antenna Design winner. One such article that illustrates technical information used within and directly pointing to the Greyline DX Flagpole can be found here, in QST:
2018 QST Article: 
Award Mentions for our friend and Engineer, John W6NBC:
About reviews. Here are a few from a quick search online:
WB9Z shared his take on our Greyline Performance DX Flagpole, here

N9CB offers a link to our website and a video of his installation and tuning, here. He cites our 2018 updates.

How did you hear about us?
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Within our web pages (see the above drop-down menu) you'll find feedback from folks using the antennas, videos, pictures and stories they've written sharing the good news on how they returned to the fray, and are back on the air. Maybe this is what brought you here today? 

Did you hear about us from someone on the air? For example, the story of the Ham Store owner in Europe who was tuning 75M only to be amazed at the signal from a 20' DX Flagpole Antenna in the USA? Maybe you called Bill who was working DX on 40M with his morning coffee amassing credits for his 5BWAZ and other Awards? Then there is Steve, a fellow contester and DXer living in an HOA who compared the DX Flagpole Antenna to his 84' EFHW Zepp only to find the DX Flagpole outgunned the Zepp to DX lands in A/B testing!

Maybe you saw us on YouTube or mention of the radio antennas on Ham Nation? See our Ad in QST or ARRL publications? Regardless of where you came from, we are so glad you are here.

Please take a moment to consider our perspective, the performance, and efficiency in our design, and the strength of our engineering. If you can see these things and really understand the benefits (for you and your loved ones, right?) you'll begin to develop that DX Confidence you likely know or have heard so much about. This is not a Yagi at 80' but a versatile, all-band, highly efficient, high-performance, vertical dipole antenna we call the Greyline DX Flagpole or it's unflagged brother, the DX Vertical. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

73 Greyline Performance

Feedback / Reviews

We know you will be doing your homework and therefore we encourage you to read our best effort of transparency presented within the FAQs and RF BLOG entries to get a sense of how much work we are putting into this antenna system.

We are aware that not everyone can turn on the radio to hear folks saying "my antenna is a DX Flagpole!" so we'll include some highlights as they come in. Here are just a few...

See pictures and read stories of happy customers like Steve and Bill, both of whom have been off the air for decades! To a random phone call one morning from a radio store owner in Europe that ran across an “amazing signal” on 75M using the DX Flagpole Antenna!


We bring you real customer stories like Steve who compares his DX Flagpole to his 84' End-Fed Zepp using reverse beacon RBN data and is enjoying the weekly contests and having a ball.


Meet Bill too!  After downsizing from his multi-tower QTH, he reports running Europe and working DXpeditions on the low bands again, surpassing the results of his wire loop in the tree during signal comparison testing by 2 S units!


You’ll hear about the European ham radio store owner who declared amazement at the signals on 75M he worked over the Atlantic coming from a “20' OCF DX Flagpole” among a group of guys with towers and wires and he was not weaker in signal strength on an otherwise noisy band! He called us on the phone to express the news!

It's time to get 'On the Air' on all bands with real DX Confidence! We're honored to serve you.
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Want to talk radio? Give us a call, our phone number is 435-200-4902


Ham radio is fun again. Pass it on.



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