Steve compares his 20' DX Flagpole Antenna to 84' End Fed Zepp

Hi Everyone!
It's antenna season! We have asked customers for their review for the November 2018 updated version of the DX Flagpole vertical antenna system and we will be rolling those conversations out in the coming weeks. Here's one to start things off...
Meet Steve. He has been on the air for a while now with his DX Flagpole, he wrote in with the following report:
The 20' flagpole is working well...  I've done some A/B antenna testing with my stealth 84' end-fed-long-wire and the DX Flagpole. I've also done some RBN signal strength testing.
I was able to light up several USA and EU skimmers on 40/cw a couple of evenings ago circa 0001Z with the DX Flagpole. The EFLW also lit up skimmers all over the USA but fewer in EU which gives me some idea of the lower angle of radiation produced by the DX Flagpole.
FYI, I'm running a Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V Field - 100w.
On the DX front, I've worked the XR-zero on a couple of bands, C5DL, and 9G2HO on 40/30/20. I've also worked several 'garden-variety' EU stations on 40 and 20.
I am able to to get back into the weekly CWops sprints and have had success running a few stations on 40 and 20 CW... (running!)
So, yes, I'm pleased with the results thus far given our poor band conditions....
Are you wanting to light RBN skimmers up all over the world just like Steve does with his DX Flagpole no radials Vertical Dipole Antenna from his HOA QTH?
Let's get you and your friends back on the air. Consider sHaring with your friends, they will be so glad to join you in the bands! 
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