Ski Bag and Beach Ham Radio with Greyline DX Vertical Antenna

Hear real DX audio from summer Quick-deploy, Ski Bag and Beach house expeditions with the Greyline DX Vertical Antenna

Hello Radio Friends,

We have been receiving requests to share more pictures and stories of the Greyline Vertical Antennas and so we created some for you and it was a lot of fun too.

Do you have a DX Flagpole story or highlight to share? Please send it in! Thank you.


Updated: WPX CW AUDIO added 

KL2A (Member of Team USA WRTC 2014) returned to rural W7 using the call KQ7W for the weekend to test the 20' OCF vertical dipole.

Bands weren’t great but you can hear a fun opening very-late evening on 20-40M from near Seattle. The background DX in the audio files are worth noticing!

Jon (KL2A) writes, "please excuse the LID'ery, it was freezing at night. I was wrapped in a sleeping bag, just the fingers out for the CW paddle, with only the light from the laptop, radio and the stars! A real good time."

G5W 20M

KH7M 20M

W6/7 mini-regional ”run”

Other noteworthy highlights are the DX RBN's that reported hearing us all over the world. Remember, this is 50W to a 20' OCF antenna. 

What highlights and adventures did you find? Email us to share your highlights. 73


7th Call Area QSO Party

Pictures, Stories, Signal Data and Audio Recorded, On-Air:

7QP Ski Bag to Beach House Portable: Puget Sound, Washington State

How-To: Schoolkids Build a DX Flagpole Antenna in 90-minutes! 

Recorded Live using 20' DX Flagpole and 50W during 7QP 7th Call Area QSO Party

*portability is a bonus (antenna weighs only 20 lbs total) 

**Note: This recording was captured mid-day on 20M from North of Seattle, Washington. In this few minutes segment, we work into Florida, California, Alaska, New England, and the mid-west too.

Learn more about our OCF Vertical Dipole Antennas by studying our data and graphs on performance, losses, and comparisons with the market offerings. We discuss in more detail within the RF Blog including several other stories and pictures from customers. Also, our FAQ's answer so many questions we've received on the DX Flagpole antenna. You'll be pleased with the design and performance.

As always, please send any questions or comments our way. We'd like to share them for our peers. Consider passing this on to a friend that really could enjoy getting back on all bands with DX confidence.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments by emailing or to set up a quick call.


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