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9' Mobile Whip Antenna | Marine Whip HF Vertical Antenna 1.8-50 MHz



The SG-303 is a Marine and Mobile Whip HF Antenna System made for rugged and durable HF Radio operation over Land and Sea.

Useful for Ham Radio from 160-6M, CB, Survival Prep, Marine Radio, Military Field Ops, Urban dwellings, and Emergency Communications. 

This whip antenna must be used with an antenna coupler (ATU, Remote Tuner) such as the SG-230, 235, etc., or a similarly rated antenna tuner. Radiation is omnidirectional. To be used on a vehicle or boat while in motion up to 60 miles per hour. 

  • Frequency Range: 1.8-30MHz
  • Maximum Output Power: 500 watts PEP voice or CW
  • 9 ft. whip antenna, in two 50-inch sections
  • Can be used with any standard 3/8" x 24 threaded mounts rated for adequate power. (If using for CB, please consider the quality of the mount.)
  • Optional: Purchase with SGC Swivel Ratchet Mount for tried-and-true rugged operation for best performance.

  • The SG-303 is a 9-foot marine and mobile whip antenna for operation from 1.8 to 30MHz. The antenna is supplied in two 50-inch sections and an optional 4-way stainless steel swivel ratchet mount with a reinforced base spring.

    Highly recommended as pairs well with the SGC Swivel Ratchet Mount. Tested and re-engineered through years of improvements. Not your low-quality mount.


    The loaded frequencies are 13.2 and 22 MHz and the maximum output power is 500W PEP or CW. For Digital modes consider the continuous power rating (or digital mode rating) of your tuning unit (ATU).

    When ordered with the mount, the kit includes 3 feet of high voltage wire, a wall feed-thru bushing, and a 3-foot ground strap for coupler grounding.

    Items Included:

    1. Loaded whip antenna (in two sections of 4 ft each for the SG-303)

    2. 3-inch, high voltage Delron insulator

    3. 4-way stainless steel ratchet mount

    4. Special SGC heavy-duty, rubber encapsulated base spring

    5. 3 ft. of high voltage wire, one end terminated by a ring lug

    6. High voltage wall feed-through bushing (hole = .890 inch)

    7. 3 ft of 3⁄4 inch wide braided copper ground strap for coupler grounding

    8. 12 releasable tie wraps

    9. Lug to connect high voltage wire to coupler

    10. SGC Manual (click for further pictures and specs)


    SGC Manual includes pictures and specs.

    Useful in an Urban setting as well. Here's the SG-303 9-foot whip antenna perched on a deck in Europe. On an apartment deck: + Close-up shot

    Whether connected to a Humvee, Jeep, Truck, RV, or boat, you have options.


    Do you want to talk radio? Give us a call, our phone number is 435-200-4902

    Ham radio is fun again. Pass it on.



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