"Happy Wife" His XYL likes his 20' DX Flagpole Antenna. Kevin enjoys Loud Signals & Quiet bands.

"With 600 watts I can talk all over especially into Europe. 5-9 plus 10db signal reports from most contacts."



Kevin, a new ham, is having so much fun he is upgrading to an Extra Class! Notice it's quieter than his End Fed Long Wire.

This week we heard from Kevin who is now inspired to chase his Extra Class license! We love hearing guys like Kevin excited again.

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Sure looks pretty, doesn't it? His wife approves.


"I love the antenna!"

Kevin writes, "I installed it last weekend. Everything looks great on my external SWR meter as well as the radiometer.

Anyway, I made many contacts so far with great reports including Europe and all over the US. What really amazes me is how quiet it is for a vertical, my EFHW wire brings in a lot more noise with about the same signal strength as the Greyline DX Flagpole. I can hear weak stations that I would never hear on the wire antenna.

Very happy with the purchase! It looks great as well!

Thanks, Jon,


P.S. This has given me the incentive to get my extra class. I been licensed since 1995 and lost interest along the way, but I have regained my interest and will have my extra within a month or two."

June 2019 Update:

"I’ll be taking my extra test at the upcoming field day!"

All in all, it really shines on 20-meter DX. With 600 watts I can talk all over especially into Europe. 5-9 plus 10db signal reports from most contacts. With 10 meters opening up a little lately I’ve been using the flagpole there for short skip generally 500 - 800 miles. I also use it on 6 meter FM for local repeaters. It tunes and works there quite well. The main reason I like it is it doesn’t look like an antenna and my wife likes it as well when the flag is flying! 

How would you like "59 +10db reports from Europe" just like Kevin?

That's Real DX on 160-6M at your QTH? See our antenna collections, here.


Ham Radio is fun again.



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