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SGC World from Seattle, WA., apparently has gone out of business, quietly. They stopped answering their phones in May of 2023. Jon, KL2A immediately traveled to Seattle to knock on their door and try to buy any leftover products for you as we all enjoyed their stuff, but there was no storefront at the address. Sadly, we are losing quality manufacturers and products from natural causes and supply chain woes that continue to plague the tech industries that rely on overseas suppliers. RIP SGC!

SGC produces high-quality automatic remote antenna tuners that are reliable on every frequency, 160-6M. SGC is military-grade, made in the USA, rugged, and popular with Emergency Communication service agencies, ham radio, marine, mobile, aircraft, aerospace, and your security. Your new favorite antenna tuner. It pairs easily with Greyline HF vertical antennas and stealth HOA Flagpole Antennas and all radio brands on the market.

The SGC Remote Tuners are indeed strong, smart, and elegant. Using ABS plastic enclosures that are sealed-waterproof to protect the outdoor tuning unit offers you more options at your installation. With this tuner and any single antenna, your radio will find continuous coverage from 1.8 to 30 MHz and all HF frequencies in between. The unit is built to last and is backed by SGC's standard 1-year warranty and industry-leading technical service. Ham Radio is fun again. 

Pro Tip: Look at the recommended power rating limits for digital modes especially and impedance range for tuning capability. Also, note the sheer number of memories of each unit plus the quality of the case itself.   

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