Adventure: Max & Lilly Find a Ham Radio & HOA Flagpole Antenna in the Attic


Max & Lilly Find a Ham Radio & HOA Flagpole Antenna in the Attic

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Once there was a brother and sister named Max and Lily. They were always looking for new adventures and one day, they found an old ham radio in the attic of their house.

Excited by their discovery, they quickly set to work setting up the radio. They strung wires up in the trees and spent hours tuning the dials and listening to the static.

Just as they were about to give up, they heard a faint signal coming through the radio. It was faint and garbled, but they could make out a voice.

"Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?" the voice said.

Max and Lily couldn't believe it. They had made contact with someone from outer space!

As they listened to the voice, they realized that it was an astronaut who had been stranded on a distant planet. He had been trying to call for help for weeks, but no one had been able to hear him until now.

Max and Lily were determined to help the astronaut. They worked tirelessly to amplify the signal and figure out a way to bring him back to Earth.

As they were searching for a solution, they stumbled upon an old flagpole antenna in the garage. They quickly realized that this could be the key to improving the signal and getting the astronaut home.

With the help of their parents, they set up the flagpole antenna in the front yard and were amazed by the results. Not only was it aesthetically elegant, and were they able to communicate more clearly with the astronaut, but the patriotic flare of the flagpole, now also an HF vertical antenna, it also caught the attention of the whole neighborhood. One neighbor asked, "Where can I get one too?" Little did they know it's important dual use as a Real DX antenna for their ham radio.

After weeks of hard work, they finally succeeded. With the help of the flagpole antenna, they were able to communicate with NASA and arrange for the astronaut to be rescued.

The astronaut was grateful to Max and Lily for their help and the two kids were thrilled to have made a new friend from outer space. They continued to talk to the astronaut over the ham radio and even visited him at the space station when he returned to Earth.

Thanks to their ingenuity and determination, Max and Lily had an adventure they would never forget.


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We hope you enjoyed this story and were entertained by it. Maybe you remember a similar story in your youth that was not a fantasy. Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...

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Let's enjoy the adventure, together. Until next time...

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Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...


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