Announcing another Greyline DX Antenna Giveaway, Ham Radio is Fun Again

Announcing another Greyline DX Antenna Giveaway! 

Greyline Performance requests YouTube Videos, Pictures and Stories of DX Flagpole & DX Vertical installations from around the world. 

Here are a few YouTube examples:
Hello Radio Friends, 
That's right, we are starting the year off with an antenna giveaway. Do you have a friend looking to get back on the radio? Send in your best pictures, videos, and DX stories and the winner gets a free all-band antenna. We'll select the winner on February 1, 2020.
The last year we've talked to 100's of folks who are just delighted to be back on the air working Real DX from their home, office or even in their strict HOA community. It's truly amazing what these guys are working with 100W and a simple vertical antenna system (that actually works!) It's a thrill to hear the excitement in their voices when they report they've added 200 countries to their DX challenge account after installing a DX Flagpole.
One operator reported his wife allowed him to install the antenna in her garden. Let me repeat that, In. Her. Garden. When have any of us ever heard such nonsense before? I haven't. Now we have...
Just another reason why we design Smarter, Stronger and More Elegant than you've experienced before! 
Send in your How-To videos, Brag-rolls, Operating DX adventures or Installation tips you think are worth sharing and would get others excited or informed to get back on the bands. We'll collect them and share with the world.
Let's get our friends and family back on the radio this year because if we don't, we'll just be one year older when we do.
A little feedback from our friends:

"In the pile-ups, I got a surprising number of 1 to 3 calls contacts, far more competitive than I expected." 
"Best quality materials I've ever seen in an Amateur Antenna!"
"4 Band DXCC this summer from my HOA with the 20' DX Flagpole!"
We want to hear from you. Leave your comments and links below in the blog comments or email your video links and stories to
See our antenna collections, here.
Ham Radio is fun again.
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Below is a summary of highlights for you. See you on the air soon!
  • HOA Approved + XYL-significant others and neighborhood too because it's a pretty, low profile single pole or Real Flagpole
  • No Radials! needed to achieve the high performance we stand behind + no guy wires either
  • All-bands from 80-6M including WARC, MARS, etc. That's 10 ham bands!
  • High-Power (3 KW PEP) Rated Antenna Design and Feed System
  • Smart Design Rugged Engineering, Premium Materials. 80-100 MPH rating based on ANSI/NAAMM FP 1001-07 Regulations 
  • Best in Class Our OCF vertical-dipole line is 'as good or better' than any legacy brands-of-old on the market today.
  • >90% and better efficiency across all bands from 3.5 - 50 MHz (yes, really!)
  • Very Low Losses owing to the feed system and antenna design
  • Lower Angles than ground-mounted verticals (see performance specs!)
  • Available sizes 12', 16', 20', and 28' foot OCF Vertical Dipole radio antennas
  • Easy Install Dig 2-3' post hole, drop-in, plug n play! Have fun on all bands. 
  • Free Shipping in the USA + Competitive Worldwide Shipping
  • Remote Tuners available now. Antenna+ATU bundles provide deep discounts on our customer's favorite Tuners. Choose your match today!


  • I previously posted a 3 star review but would now like to upgrade that to FIVE stars. The antenna is out-standing (in my front yard). The company has resolved all of the complaints in my previous post and made some excellent changes to the product bundle. DE K3KZG

    William CRIELLY
  • Hi Steven,
    As you know now (by our email), our goal is doing our part to get more folks on the bands. We offer discounts for military and other honorable services because we don’t want a few bucks getting in the way of our friends and neighbors achieving all band DXing status once again! We’re hoping to help Steven get back on the air soon. Are you ex military or government services? Let’s get you back on the air too.
    73 Greyline DX

    Greyline Performance
  • Hi John,
    Looking forward to it. You have our military discount code sent by email. Glad to do it. Thanks for your service, sir! Looking forward to hearing you on the bands soon. Ham Radio is fun again. 73 OM

    Greyline Performance
  • Wish I knew about this before I retired and went on a limited income

    steven smith
  • Hi John
    We at building a house in Florida. Will be completed the first part of March. I will order around the end of Feb. 73’s John
    How much do give for military discount?

    John Piette

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