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Welcome, Fellow Radio Operators, 

At Greyline Performance, this is really fun for us. We are hams just like you and it is a real treat to help so many of you get on the air again with real DX Confidence!

We offer the Greyline DXF and 20 for example are the same antenna outside of the fact the DXF-20 has Flag hardware for the HOA and aesthetically-pleasing-inclined, approval process. Did we mention these vertical antennas are indeed called elegant and widely approved by the ladies? Yep, clean lines and patriotic looks just fine in the garden. How many antennas get that report?

In these webpages (see drop down menu above) you'll find feedback from folks using the antennas or hearing them in action on the air. Maybe this is what brought you here today? 

Recently, a Ham Radio Store owner in Europe was tuning 75M only to be amazed at the signal from a 20' DX Flagpole in the USA. Maybe you called Bill who was working DX on 40M with his morning coffee and you couldn't believe his signal? This is not uncommon, folks inquiring directly from the bands...

We share stories from the field like our new friend Steve, a fellow contester and DXer living in an HOA. He compared the DX Flagpole to his 84' wire zepp only to find the DX Flagpole outgunned the zepp to DX lands in A/B testing! One more point for our low angle antennas!

Maybe you saw us on YouTube or mention of our radio antennas on the hit show, Ham Nation? See our Ad in QST or ARRL publications? Regardless of where you came from, we are so glad you are here.

Please take a moment to consider our perspective, the power in our design and the strength in our engineering. When you really understand our focus on the benefits you'll begin to develop that DX Confidence you likely know or have heard so much about. This is not a Yagi at 80' but a versatile, all band antenna, highly efficient, high performance, low loss and low angle; a vertical dipole antenna we call the DXF or DXV (DX Flagpole or DX Vertical). We look forward to hearing from you!

73 Greyline Performance

PS. This below is the long description we used to post with all of our products until the marketing department called it messy. We thought you'd like another style of communicating the message. It's a bit longer, but does offer you a more exhaustive, conversational style into the details of the Antennas many attributes. Again, if you have questions, let us know on the contact page or call us, 435-200-4902.

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  • HOA Approved + XYL-significant others and neighborhood approved
  • No Radials! needed to achieve the high performance we stand behind
  • 10-bands from 160-6M including WARC, MARS, etc.
  • High-Power Standard (1500W) Rated Antenna and Feed System
  • Smart Design Rugged Engineering & Materials for 80-100 MPH wind rating 
  • Best in Class Our antennas are 'as good or better' than any legacy brands you'll find on the market today.
  • >90% and better efficiency across all bands
  • Very Low Losses owing to the feed system
  • Lower Angles than ground mounted verticals
  • Available sizes 12', 16', 20', and 28' foot Flagpole & Greyline DX Antennas
  • Easy Install Dig post hole, drop in, plug n play
  • Free Shipping in the USA + Reasonable Worldwide Shipping

XYL's, Partners & fussy neighbors approve too. Why? Imagine this: there are No ugly stubs, traps, coils, or unsightly elements to mess with. One Clean, Shiny, Stealthy Vertical Radio Antenna. "They" see an aesthetically pleasing low footprint self-supporting pole and you see your multiband ticket to the world of radio! You're welcome.


Could these be wild claims? You be the judge. We offer you a wealth of transparent performance data from within the marketplace as comparisons so you can discover firsthand why our Greyline antennas offer a more useful service to you and our peers. Find more information and further discussions in our FAQ and RF Blog.

Presenting to our peers an HOA, nationwide-approved, Stealth DX Flagpole (DXFP) and the DX Vertical Dipole (DXV) line of HF radio antennas that do NOT require radials.

We believe you'll love this useful service in the form of a smart, multi-band or all band ham radio antenna system that again, does NOT require radials! Choose from 12, 16, 20 and 28-foot vertical-dipoles, stealth (DXFP) or non-stealth (DXV). They all get out very well from 160-6M. Here's one customer's excitement:


That’s right, DX confidence is once again restored with one vertical antenna that operates across all bands with high-efficiency, using the highest quality materials, note that high-power is standard, producing lower angles than comparable and taller verticals requiring radials, proudly offering you very low losses throughout the antenna system and again, requires no radials. We've done the hard work so you simply plug in your coax and get on the air!


We want to earn your trust by offering something more useful to our peers. Before you buy look closely at our performance measures and the various research writings of the science, our products, "their" products, all capture within our RF Blog and FAQ pages for your consideration on the validity of our seemingly bold claims.


Throughout the website, we showcase clearly for you the many reasons why the “OCF” off-center-fed antenna design operates at greater than > 90% efficiently across the bands and is perfect for your situation. You could always buy a tower and put a yagi up there... or you could put up this pole and work the world with a clear DX confidence.

To be polite, it simply meets and beats most verticals with radials you'll find on the market today, even the taller antennas.


Again, these are not just wild claims. We have done the hard math and exhaustive research (head scratching) and present to you transparently a wealth of data for you to consider. We are asking you to challenge us and ultimately, help shape our story while we endeavor to bring you, our peers, a more useful service. 


Introducing to you, our peers, the old meets new, Greyline Performance line of vertical antennas brought to you by Greyline Performance, RF Research. We think you and yours will be quite pleased with your new antenna.



See the RF BLOG drop-down menu for more... 



Let's look at the various comparison data to several antennas on the market today in line with our Greyline Performance Antenna Systems. A little Q&A is always fun, right?

Q. How does the DXV and DXF Antennas compare to other well-known antennas? 

A. Let's compare our 20 and 28' versions with the Hy-gain AV-680 and Cushcraft R9:

The Red inner rings are 80M, blue 40M, green 20M, and orange 10M. You get the idea.

Look at the low angle and that extra punch. Yep, no radials needed!. Sure, you can use radials, of course, but they are not required for this performance! 


Q. I hear 43-foot verticals with radials is a "sweet spot" but you guys promote a 20 and 28'er, what's the difference?

A. Bigger is not necessarily better! In this case, our DXV Antenna is less than half that height, does NOT need radials where the 43-foot vertical with radials option does. Also, our antennas enjoy a lower angle of radiation on many bands. (see graphic) 

There's more. HOA's and CC&R's do not typically allow the 43' version but the 20' height is under most HOA height limits around the USA.

Now, look at the low bands! The DXV Antenna really shines compared to the radial dependent antennas, and yes, even the 43-foot vertical has the same limitations.

On the high bands, the radiation pattern really breaks up with that ground mounted radial required 43-footer! You won't see that break up with a proper install of our Greyline DX design. 

How would you like to get back on the air with real DX confidence? Now you can have lower loss, lower angles and higher performance on all the bands with a DX Flagpole and/or the DXV. Let's get you on the air and have some fun. You'll sound amazing.

Q. What's the difference between a 12' 16' 20' and 28' DXVs | Flagpoles?
A. We are surprised to find and report very little loss when dropping to the 16 and 12' foot designs. Those in those more restricted and height challenged locations can now enjoy a little more DX confidence on the bands! 

Look at the low band performance (40/80M) on the 12' version! 



  • Design Reviewed, November 2018
  • Head to Toe component upgrades
  • Re-engineered for DX performance, found more dBs & lower angles
  • Lowered system losses, again. It's in the details.
  • Easy Install: "1-2 hours unboxed to on the air."
  • Rugged: Rated for 80-90-100 MPH
  • High Power Feed System now standard, Quality materials and engineering throughout.
  • Selection: 12', 16', 20' and 28’ foot Greyline Performance vertical dipole antennas.
  • Free Domestic Shipping | Ship Worldwide | Made in USA



  • 12-28-foot tall aircraft grade aluminum antenna
  • PVC in-ground "Drop In" sleeve (tilt-mounts are great too!)
  • Off-Center Fed Vertical Dipole design means no radials, >90% efficient or better across 80m to 10m.
  • Internally routed and expertly placed custom feed point and feed system for the lowest loss possible
  • Simple installation with just a shovel, no concrete needed in most installations (some do, some don't, either is okay)
  • Heavy duty fiberglass center, base insulators, and stainless steel hardware
  • Custom common mode choke, 1:1 current balun terminated to Amphenol PL-259. Just plug in your feedline from the shack
  • Available with an American flag (or DX Flag) and flag accessories for stealth operation
  • Powder Coat options (purchase at checkout, declare a color in notes)
  • A versatile, smart option for FT8 and SDR mode operations



Before you buy

Learn about why our design proves high performance vs. many other comparable and taller antennas on the market today. We dig deeper to find the information we believe you will find useful in making a wise choice of antenna for our needs. Our RF Blog is a great place to gain further insight on topics. 

Compared to other antennas:

These HF radio antennas confidently outperform even the much taller, lossy, ground fed verticals that require radials and in most cases, unfortunately, come with the “birdcage” of unsightly matching stubs, traps, cross-bars, top-hats, coils, and the other stuff your neighbors and significant others do not appreciate. It matters, right?

Aesthetically pleasing and high performance:

Our off-center-fed vertical antennas display a clean aesthetically pleasing design that offers far more efficiency (QRP ops love this) as multi-band antennas, on all 10 bands than some monoband poles fed with coax! We share with you why this claim is even possible. It’s worth understanding. We offer a powder coating service too. Pick a color, add it to your cart. Now you’re making everyone happy!

Lower Loss, Lower Angle, High Efficiency:

These antennas offer you lower angles, lower loss, higher performance, further reach and a real DX confidence to make ham radio fun again on all bands! The larger 43’ vertical with radials has a hard time competing with even our smaller antennas. (You must see the data.)

Not your average antenna:

Please see our performance charts here and within the FAQs to learn why this is not your average HF Vertical antenna. To be clear, the Greyline DX designs are a higher performance option in a shorter vertical owing to the design and feed system. Let’s make radio fun again and get you and your friends back on the air.

Who Buys this type of antenna?

We develop solutions for several organizations not limited to Ham Radio. Groups such as MARS, CAP, FEMA, and various Military and Government Agencies too. It's fun to have smart friends with strong antenna design and engineering traits. 

The Greyline vertical-dipole design is recommended to anyone with HOA restrictions, suburban and space restricted locations, and those simply wanting a highly efficient 10-band ham radio antenna on one easy to install vertical pole! Also, a smart solution for commercial ALE, MARS installations, and the Ham Radio SDR folks who need agile access to the entire radio spectrum. We've found this antenna to be desired for remote radio operations, a natural for quick mult-hunting or simply easy access to 2nd and 3rd radio intel. The WSJT-X and FT8 digital modes operators enjoy the same agility and premium (over-kill) feed system that can take full power and of course always attractive for those operators among us that simply desire a night of good old-fashioned, low-angle, all band DXing from the comfort of your home (permanent install) or favorite beach (portable versions)! 

Let’s have some fun and get you back on the air with DX confidence. You’ll be glad you did. Your family and friends will appreciate the aesthetically pleasing demeanor as well.

Flagpole | Greyline DX Vertical Dipole Backstory:

Many hams have asked for optimized antennas for multiple band operation, so we challenged antenna designer, QST author, and an inhabitant of a neighborhood where towers and Yagis would not go down well, John Portune, W6NBC, to come up with a compact vertical dipole which would be ATU "friendly" delivering good-to-excellent VSWR matches on all bands 80m through 6m with popular autotuners, in particular, the new breed of outdoor rated units. John delivered, in spades. John opted for an OCF design which makes it easier in most cases for ATUs to find a good match across a wide range of frequencies.

We didn't cut any corners! All components are intended to be  "over the top" in design and engineering. We don't want the weakest link to come back to our camp. Our choice of tubing is a premium alloy, aircraft grade 6000 series aluminum, 2-inch OD top to bottom (28' is 2.25" OD at the bottom), thick fiberglass insulators at the feed and base that are designed to handle the load, stainless hardware, Amphenol PL-259 connectors for the pigtail, and a custom built common mode choke 1:1 current balun.

We have tested the Greyline Performance Antenna Line with several ATUs and all worked excellent on all bands 80m through 6M. For similar results we urge the use of the Greyline DXF and DXV antennas with an outdoor ATU located at or near the base of the antenna to keep feedline losses to a minimum, however, this antenna will work with many indoor ATUs and even some rig ATUs (we have tested with the Flex-6700 ATU).

ATU Mounting Disclaimer: Again, we urge the position of the ATU at the base of the Greyline antennas for best results. We can't guarantee performance across all bands when the antenna is used with indoor ATUs as the feedline between the ATU in the shack and the antenna is an impedance transformer itself which could cause a very high mismatch on one or more bands, plus many built-in rig ATUs have limited adjustment range. Again, we urge that the ATU must be mounted at the base for respectable performance results.

Below is a typical SWR chart from the field. Results vary with coax length and tuner position, of course. Expect a match and efficient radiation patterns.

Placing the ATU at the base of the antenna will maximize performance. There are many outstanding outdoor-rated ATUs that can be powered over coax.  If you are looking for a tuner, we offer many models that are tried and true here. Bundle and save today.

We recommend you are aware of the Federal radiation exposure regulations if your Antenna is near your residence or where people may gather. QRP operators love this antenna for its very high efficiency and yes, of course, you may choose to run full legal limit as the antenna system is designed to handle that and more.

Power Limitation: Please be aware the power limitation is based on your choice of feedline and Tuners power rating. We provide you with a balun that will take the full legal limit of 1500W+ as standard.

Installation couldn't be easier. Three feet of PVC tubing (supplied) buried in "compacted" soil will be enough in most locations to support the antenna, just "drop it in." Of course, you're welcome to install in concrete, on your rooftop or deck or other locations.

Wind Rating: This antenna has been engineered to withstand 90 MPH wind gusts, according to “Guide Specifications for Design of Metal Flagpoles,” ANSI/NAAMM FP 1001-07. This was used rather than ANSI/TIA-222-G (regulating antennas and towers) as this standard will be the one needed by building committees for structural analysis.

Built Rugged as you have read here yet easy handling with quick-deploy and portable sensibilities in mind. The DX Flagpole and DXV's are a solid option as an easy install for FT8, SDR, MARS, Emcomm, DXpedition, IOTA, Field Day, new hams, and those of us downsizing to HOA and so on; a wonderful all band antenna solution on one (1) pole!

Custom: We are developing more application-specific options so watch for those. If you're interested in taking your Vertical Dipole Antenna far from home or into the field please contact us about the possibilities.

Question: What do I get with my order?

  • The antenna of your choice (12, 16, 20, 24, 28')
  • Feed Line "pigtail" from the Antenna to your ATU.
  • Coax Stub between your Tuner and the included Balun
  • 1:1 current balun (legal limit rated)
  • Flag and all accessories if DX Flagpole selected
  • Plug in your coax from the radio and play radio

How to Order your DX Flagpole or DXV Antenna? 

This antenna is intended to be a high performance, low loss antenna system. We provide the necessary information on our products, Blog, and FAQ pages.

  • Select your antenna, either 12, 16, 20 24 or 28'
  • We provide you with a custom balun and feed system that will take the full legal limit of 1500W+ as standard
  • Determine what Tuner and feedline that you will use. 
  • Dig a hole and drop in your new antenna.*

*Some use concrete, others pack rock or sand.
*Easy one man install or take down for weather events.






The reception is unbelievable! Many many stations. Anyone wanting to operate FT8 will love the DX Flagpole. 




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