Poll Results for Does your partner approve or disapprove of ham radio?


At Greyline Performance, we are honored to serve you our peers in this way. We see many of our customers on the bands working the world. Keep reading to see their stations and what they can do.


Several notable hams from Amateur Radio Clubs around the world report great openings are now upon us this weekend. Are you getting in on this action?

  • N3QE reports 20M CW to Japan is wide open with super loud signals coming through until 8:30 AM EST. He reports FT8 has been great too.

  • W6/7 Clubs are sharing that the higher bands are open. 17M to Europe and surprisingly 6M within North America is opening this weekend and DXMaps confirms this. The west coast contingent is working into deep Asia (VU India), the Middle East, and Africa on 20M during the morning hours and late evening as well going the other way. Sounds like summer conditions are coming.

  • E77DX noted that 10M was wide open in Europe in their later evening hours today. We looked and saw 6M was extremely full in Europe also around 9 PM local EU time. Watch for an opening tonight in NA as possible before bed.



  • 28-50 MHz is Open! (6-10M) 
  • Customer Sightings + Station Pictures
  • Survey Results: "Does your OM/XYL approve or disapprove of Ham Radio?"
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KL2A/7 Beach House Portable QTH with 20' DX Vertical



This is 6M (50 MHz) @ 05-17-20 2200Z (Sunday) - watch for an evening opening? (tnx E77DX for the alert)

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We like to keep an eye on our customers to see how they are doing on the bands. Look how many countries they are working with their 16' & 20' DX Flagpole Antennas! Take a look at their radio stations and the list of countries they are working by clicking the links. Pretty amazing results for a vertical, right?

WA2DX statistics: 156 reports, 33 countries last week (20' DX Flagpole) See his station, here.

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WJ8B statistics: 241 reports, 29 countries last week. (16' DX Flagpole) See his station, here.

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Recently we conducted a survey by asking several questions to our customers about their Ham QTH's, power levels, modes, preferred brands, habits on the bands, and so on. We are still receiving 100's of responses and will report more insightful data soon. For now, we thought this line of questions and their answers was amusing and we think you will too!
So, we filtered the queries for the answer of "NO" for the question, "Does your XYL/OM/Partner support your Ham Radio Hobby?" 
At the time of writing, 11% of the hams polled report having less than supportive partners. These folks prefer ICOM, note the 7300 over the mid and higher range ICOM, running barefoot, prefer the low bands (80-40M), are 75% likely to be involved in a club, and 25% use radio to stay in touch with family, which ranked high for this poll. 


To be fair, we found that those who prefer Yaesu are typically high power and spend most of their time on 40M SSB. FT8 and CW operators clearly prefer the mid-range ICOM HF Transceiver over all other brands polled. Maybe a Remote HF Radio thing? 
We have all sorts of other data trends to share such as those who think 'bigger is better' and those focused on specific modes and what their preferences seem to be. We will post again soon. 
Do you think this is interesting? Will you help us select our next product? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email?

1. Please take the Survey, here

2. What other questions we can ask our global audience? Let us know in the comments below or email us. Thank you.


At Greyline, we are excited to ship out our newest update completed in May 2020. Watch for New Products to be announced soon too.

See our Status page for updates.


Would you like to hear how your signal sounds and see what your signal report is, right now, all over the planet? You can. There are 100's, if not 1000's of SDR radio stations tuning the bands that will relay live audio of your signal, give signal reports, and a list of stations that hear your signal. All of this is done by remote ham radio operations listening across the entire ham band spectrum. Try these services, free.

WebSDR: (any Mode) Simply select a location, tune the dial to your frequency and call CQ from home and hear your signal from anywhere in the world!

Reverse Beacon Network RBN: (CW)
1. Find a clear frequency in the CW band
2. Call "CQ CQ your-call your-call"
3. Type your name in the Spot Search
4. See where you are heard around the world.

PSKReporter (digital modes) This service is much like the Reverse Beacon Network with a map visual.



    With an antenna purchase, there are many goodies included. 

    • Select your DX Flagpole or DX Vertical Antenna System
    • Included: Greyline DX Premium Feed Kit  
    • Included: Premium Flag Kit (Flag, truck, cleat, clips, rope)
    • Included: Premium RF Choke
    • You bring the radio, we provide the rest to plug n play on the radio waves
    • Reserve antenna, pay when item ships 


    Will you share your DX adventures with us? Please send in a picture or YouTube video of your shack, antenna, or some action shots of the bands coming alive. We'd love to share your story of good news with our peers around the world at large. Email: flagpoleantennas@gmail.com  - Thank you!

    We are honored to serve you
    , our peers, with a more useful service. Smarter, Stronger & more Elegant than other all-band options.

    We'd enjoy hearing from you. What adventures on the bands are you finding? Will you share your thoughts with us? 


    73 and DX!


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