Let's Build a Flagpole Antenna, a 28' HF Vertical Antenna with a friend

HOA Flagpole Antennas and Stealth HF Vertical Antenna for Real DX 160-6M for FT8, CW, and SSB.


Ham Radio is more fun with your friends.

"KL2A travels to W3 to install a Greyline HF vertical antenna with a friend."

Recently, KL2A flew from Idaho to Washington, DC (W3-4 land) to eat hot dogs at a favorite local tavern and to install a ham radio antenna, the 28' Greyline Performance vertical antenna dubbed the DX Flagpole Antenna, in the backyard of a friend and radio op.

"Spring band conditions are upon us and antenna projects with your friends are one of the best aspects of our hobby...

I grew up in Alaska and antenna season started in October with the first freeze and snowstorms looming which inspired us to get motivated. When I saw the warm weather this week, like a trained monkey, I jumped at the chance to get started early and do some spring antenna work for the weekend," says KL2A. 

"So, I had an antenna shipped out (from Greyline Performance) to the east coast with plans for it to arrive about the time I did. When it arrived on the front porch last week on a sunny day of about 70F in Virginia, I heard the door slam! My buddy was already in the carport assembling the sawhorses for antenna duty. A few minutes later he was cutting the box open, sliding the poles out of the protective plastic, and sorting the poles onto the sawhorses for review, the directions in his hand, and a pencil in his teeth" reported Jon.

With the stopwatch on, we had the antenna put together and roped vertical along his fence line in about 30 minutes.

(Note: Greyline is assembling most of the parts in the shop before shipping so it's just a few pieces to connect and re-fasten.)

To be fair, you'll need to add a few minutes for assembling the feedline kit, 30-minutes or so for various shenanigans; goofing around with the dog who likes to run off with tools, sitting in the sun with a beverage retelling ham radio stories where the antennas also seem much bigger and DX p so much deeper, and so on... and, well, you get the picture. It was just like that, we were on the air! 

As my W7 QTH is great for summer fun and just right for raising a large family, for radio it is not desirable (unless you enjoy working VE7, KL7, and UA9 only. The hills are all around which makes calling CQ from W4 land similar to the thrill of shooting fish in a barrel. (in an omnidirectional sort of way).


That Greyline DX Flagpole Antenna ran guys into Eastern Europe on 80M, Western EU on 160M (no joke!), and as far as you can imagine on 40-15M, and they kept calling too. That's a lot of fun." Jon shared.


+ Just two radio ops putting together a vertical antenna for HF on a spring day

+ Force 12 C3SS (vertically polarized) upper left in the column of blue sky
Stealth Greyline 28' DX Flagpole Antenna hiding in the trees to the right

ham radio, shack, picture, emcomm, prepper, ft8, hf antenna,
+ Testing the Greyline 28' Vertical Antenna against the other antennas in the trees: CQ Europe!

At Greyline Performance, we are honored to serve you our peers in this way. We see many of our customers on the bands working around the world. This is no ordinary 160-6M antenna! See our FAQ and Blog posts for more info or "pass it on."

Ham Radio is more fun with your friends!

73 Greyline Performance

Alternative Methods to Feeding your Antenna, here:  

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