The Ham Radio Love Connection


Susan had reached the pinnacle of her life and nearing the cusp of retirement she encounters someone from her past...

"The Ham Radio Love Connection"

At sixty-two years old, Susan had reached the pinnacle of her life. She had succeeded in raising her children, established a thriving career and was now on the cusp of retirement. But as she looked towards the next phase of her life, she couldn't shake off the feeling of emptiness. She had lost her husband to cancer five years ago and had been living a solitary life since then.

One day, she came across a flyer for a ham radio emergency preparedness training program. Susan had always been interested in technology and thought it could be an exciting way to spend her free time. She enrolled in the program and delved into the world of ham radio.

As she honed her skills, she began experimenting with different antennas for her personal use at home such as the HOA Flagpole Antenna from Greyline Performance. With this hf vertical dipole antenna, she was able to pick up signals that she never could before. It was on this antenna that she stumbled upon a familiar voice in her home town, where she made the extra effort to tune into in the evenings. To her amazement in regards to how small of a world it is... it was John, an old flame from her youth who was the only kid in school that had a ham radio. They had a short-lived romance, but life had taken them down different paths.

Over the next few weeks, Susan and John started talking regularly on the radio. They reminisced about their past and realized that their feelings for each other had never truly dissipated.

Not too far along, Susan and John arranged to meet in person. John would fly south and enjoy some warmth, an easy excuse to get close to Susan's QTH. On their first meeting immediately upon sitting down for dinner, she was taken aback by how much she had missed him and how much she still loved him.

They picked up right where they left off and soon decided to start a new life together. They moved in together and began planning their future. They traveled the world, creating new memories and experiences.

As they grew older together, they never forgot the ham radio and the Greyline Performance antennas that had brought them back together. They even volunteered to co-teach the emergency preparedness training program, sharing their love story with others and encouraging them to never give up on love.

Susan never imagined that she would find love again at her age, but she was grateful for the second chance. Thanks to the ham radio and that shiny Flagpole antenna, she was able to reconnect with the love of her life and live the rest of her days in happiness.


Would you like to get your ham radio license and just maybe find a long lost love, just like Susan? The KL7AA (Alaska) Radio Club is the leader in remote, online, Ham Radio License Guide study and testing. It's easy to understand and everyone is doing it. Check them out, here: [click logo]



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We hope you enjoyed this story and were entertained by it. Maybe you remember a similar story in your youth. GL finding your rare ones. Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...



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Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...

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