Greyline made the cover of CQ Magazine! Pics here | New to Ham Radio, see our FAQ & Blog Posts for Real DX 160-6M | 16' DX Flagpole + 100W work into India, that's 8800 miles | Featured on Ham Talk Live, “Stealth Antennas in HOA” | Ham Radio is fun again!

Real DX Flagpole Antenna and HF Vertical Antenna, No Radials, 160-6M at home or HOA. XYL's Approve too!

The DX Flagpole Antenna is an HOA + XYL approved, No Radials, stealth HF antenna system that offers you Real DX from 160-6M including WARC bands. The DX Vertical is our non-stealth OCF HF vertical dipole antenna. Choose an antenna, an antenna bundle (antenna + atu) or create your own in your cart.

Designed as smarter, stronger, and more elegant multi-band antennas covering every frequency from 1.8 to 50 MHz. A popular option for professional environments, HOA's and an XYL favorite owing to usefulness and aesthetic elegance. Yes, family approved as smart and good looking for ham radio. We want your partners, wives, and family happy. You're welcome.

The high performance notion, "if you can hear it you can work it" is commonly reported. Add to this rugged engineering makes for a popular combo with Ham radio operators for Real DX and the security it won't fail on you when you need it most.

A bonus NVIS pattern is important with EmComm agencies for regional welfare and emergency traffic. You'll like it too. It's 2021 afterall. Survivalists, preppers, Emergency Management Command Centers, and Disaster Communications Services such as MARS, ARES, Coast Guard, FEMA and others rely on real HF antennas just like these for their wireless RF networks.

We don't fluff our wind ratings. Safety first. Our ratings are listed conservatively allowing you more room for confidence.

ALE capable antenna design offers professional industries secure communications and redundant RF networks. We find digital modes such as FT8, Winlink, and WSPR using SDR platforms enjoy the frequency hopping capability.

Made in the USA (Idaho & Utah). We're honored to provide local employment and manufacturing training plus we spend first on small ham-owned businesses for our specialty parts that may not be manufactured in-house.

We use ultra-premium materials and smart custom RF antenna design for a 'no guy wires' needed free-standing, No Radials, highly-efficient, properly engineered vertical-dipole RF radiator. It's really pretty too.

This is no ordinary HF radio antenna, these stealthy high-performance custom antenna systems deliver a very low loss, surprisingly low noise, reliable NVIS pattern, an always low angle transmit and receive sensitivity that meets or beats antenna designs of similar height on the market today, not requiring radials, all while serving you more reliable communications and deeper DX experiences. How does this sound to you?

New to ham radio? See our FAQ and Blog posts to learn more. We like phone calls too. Reserve Now, Pay at shipment

International Shipping: Antennas to Europe-$50, VK-$75, VE-$22 + Industry-leading 4-year warranty. 

Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on.

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  • Greyline makes the Cover of CQ Magazine from Montenegro - September 2021

    Jon of Greyline Performance made the Cover of CQ Magazine with his friends, September, 2021. "Literally, just a snap shot of some good friends, overlooking a superstation, surrounded by salt water, in Southern Europe. Doesn't sound real, does it?" says Jon, KL2A.
  • VE7GPZ: Beautiful 28' DX Flagpole Antenna by the Ocean in British Columbia, Canada [PICS]

    Beautiful QTH in Canada by the sea. "Very Happy with the Flagpole Antenna, it gets out Wonderfully and it's going to get a workout this field day!" Take a look at Mark's shack, here.

  • Summer Camp Portable: 160-6M HF Vertical Antenna, Go Kit

    We get lots of email asking for more examples of RV and camping ham radio adventures. Here's a short story with video and pictures of a campground portable ham radio operation with a Greyline Performance HF Vertical Antenna and 40 Watts in the Sawtooth Wilderness near Sun Valley, Idaho. It was so quiet, if we could here it, we could work it. We were on a high ridge with a giant mountain reflecting the signals (or so it seemed!). Click to read the story. Ham Radio is fun again. Pass it on.

  • (VIDEO) 20 mins of Fun Ham Radio CW from Idaho using 100W + 24' Greyline Flagpole Antenna, HF Vertical

    (Video) 20 minutes of ham radio fun works all over the country during the CWT contest from Northern Idaho using a portable go kit "ski bag" amateur radio station for 160-6M. 24' HF Vertical Antenna + 100 Watts. So much fun on the short waves. 

    LISTEN IN... Cycle 25 is obviously showing up!

  • (Video) 24’ Greyline Flagpole Antenna + 100W works Afghanistan T6AA

    (Video) Worked Afghanistan T6AA with 100W and my portable, go-kit, Greyline 24’ Flagpole Antenna, aka HF Vertical Antenna from the north Idaho lake cabin. Ham Radio is so fun again! 

  • KL2A/W3 builds a 28' HF Vertical Antenna by Greyline with a friend

    Ham Radio is more fun with friends. As this is Spring Antenna Planting Season, Jon KL2A flew to W3 to help a buddy install a Greyline 28-foot Flagpole Antenna (HF Vertical Antenna) to compare the vertical with his Loops up 80' in the trees. The results compelling, the pictures are stealthy. Ham Radio is fun again. Pass it on to your friends too.
  • Do I really need a Tuner at the Base of my Greyline Flagpole, HF Vertical?

    We all have different ideas on how to match our antennas. Remote Tuners at the antenna to Desktop ATU's in the shack. What's the difference? We share alternative matching options popular with our clients, here. Remember, Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...
  • Greyline Performance: Common Questions from Customers

    Common questions answered here, such as, "How do I tune up on the bands?" and "Do I need a tuner at the base of the antenna?" Pro tip: be sure you are feeding the longer, upper vertical side of the antenna. Yep, it happens that some folks are feeding the lower section. It's much better using the upper radiator. Don't let that be you, right? Seriously, let's get you back on the air again with Real DX confidence and look good doing it. Ham Radio is fun again, and more important than maybe ever before. Short wave radio is Preparedness (prepper) and useful for emergency communications too. Pass it on.
  • List of Benefits for Greyline Performance Antennas

    Why is Greyline Performance Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegant? Here's a few reasons. 

    First, the important reason, Real DX from 160-6M. That's smart.

    Aesthetics gain approval from the most discerning XYL, HOA, and family members. That's smart elegance. 

    Rugged with real wind ratings you can trust (and confirm with a calculator), that's strong and smart. 

    Homeland Security and security at your home. That is smart, strong, and elegant. Here's our list...

Bigger vertical antennas are NOT better!

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