Step by Step Guide Tips to Working DXpedition 3Y0J #hamradio

3Y0J is active from Bouvet Island. Here is how I worked them with my Flagpole Antenna + 100W

There is an intelligent approach to determining if a station is on the air and a myriad of helpful tools to discern if the signal is workable. For 3Y0J Bouvet Island DX'pedition now on the air, consider trying these DIY steps below for your best chance at finding and working the DX'pedition.

Guide to working 3Y0J, an exciting Ham Radio DX'pedition to Bouvet Island:

  1. Reverse Beacon/3Y0J - first, we look at the RBN network to see if they are currently on the air and if so, where they are being heard (CW & Digital modes only) For SSB check the spot network.
  2. DXMaps - At the time of writing we see they are on 15M on the RBN. Let's then open DXmaps for a quick look at what other parts of the world are overlapping or coming through for us, and them. Helpful to ascertain how many might be calling them and what the signals might be like that we are dealing with. (note the Greyline day and nighttime paths)
  3. - Having trouble hearing them well at your QTH? It's okay, they are pretty far away! It may take time, maybe 24 hours to get a full cycle of their peaks and best times for your region. In the meantime, you can get a sense of their rhythms (how they work the pile-ups) by tuning in from the various online SDRs such as this one in Europe that has a rural and quiet listening location - Give that a listen...tip: find the 3Y0J transmit QRG and input it into this SDR for your listening pleasure.
  4. Radio Guru W3LPL offers his Technique to working Expedition 3Y0J 

We are honored to share advice learned from the living legend of Ham Radio contest and DX Superstation owner fame, W3LPL (below)


It is very unlikely that 3Y0J will ever answer you if you call them only
0.3 kHz above their transmitting frequency. Calling 2 to 10 kHz above
their frequency as much more likely to get their attention.

Experienced DXers always listen much more often than they transmit.
Just randomly calling is extremely inefficient and frustrating.
Get in the habit of listening carefully. 

Listen for the stations 3Y0J is working, determine if there's a pattern
to how they listen

- constant listening frequency, or
- gradually listening further up the band, or
- gradually listening further down the band, or
- randomly listening on different frequencies,
- what is the highest frequency they reply to,
- what is the lowest frequency they reply to

Using these methods I worked them in only one call, running 100 watts,
I called him on exactly the frequency I expected him to reply to next.

30 meters is much more likely to be successful for a 100-watt station
with wire antennas than either 40 or 20 meters. Most 40 and 20 meter
DXers are running much more than 100 watts and many have beam
antennas high in the sky. Most of the QSOs on 30 meters are being
made with 100 watts and wire antennas.


Greyline Note

Be encouraged, as several Greyline HOA Flagpole Antenna owners have reportedly worked the rare island team already. With 30M having a 100W power limit and most using wire antennas, that is a great band to test your skills for success.

Not only are the W1-4 (east coast) amateur radio operators working Bouvet, we know W6/7 ops too reporting success as the band shifts and turns its way up north. 

Our buddy Mike in Washington State with his 40' Greyline Flagpole Antenna was up late last night and sent a text and later an email along his adventures. Boy did he have fun listening to the 3Y0J excitement and his attempts to contact them through the obvious mayhem and challenge, the massive global pile-ups. 

Mike wrote: 

- Text at 9:31 PM Local: "3Y0J S5 10115"

- Email at 11:05 PM: 
I heard them very well this evening on 30m with the flagpole. Consistently S5 and peaked close to S9 in Richland. Tried to find those he was working but the calling range was about 15 kHz and nobody sends more than “5NN TU”. Thought I was on to him a time or 2 but never heard my call. I’ll be trying again. The signal was such that I’m certain I could have worked him with a bit more time but he went QRT. I’m excited to hear them so well! 


Greyline notes: Mike is making us excited too! Oh to hear them so well on our Flagpole too, is now the goal.  Exciting times in Ham Radio!

Pictures, Video and Audio from the 3Y0J team can be found at


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