Top 10 Customer Reviews + YouTube & Install Tips for the Flagpole Antenna

Top 10 Customer Reviews with Videos & Install Tips for Greyline Flagpole Antennas

  1. YouTube Wow. Watch this! Greyline's Flagpole Antenna faces Tropical Storm Cristobal - Note: we've doubled the structural integrity since this video was captured. (:28 seconds in length)
  2. YouTube: A look at how we use Precision Machining on our parts (:30 secs)
  3. YouTube: Look at that, Seamless Part Fit (:03 secs)
  4. YouTube: Full overview of the OCF design (21:15 mins) by W6NBC
  5. Customer Reviews  Collection of various reviews of Greyline products
  6. About Us A little about our team and network of small businesses that serve you.
  7. 12-24' Greyline Antenna Manual download your copy today.
  8. Antenna Configuration (graphic) Preferred antenna site arrangement 
  9. [Pictures] A visual “walk-through” pictorial. Teenage-YL assembles a Greyline Vertical Dipole out of the box.
  10. Customer Install Series: Rob in Colorado's Journey with a Greyline 20' DX Flagpole in his HOA Rob wrote a letter to his club about his experience with the Greyline Flagpole Antenna.


XYLs Approve its dual use: Emergency Prep Security & Real DX

That's right, Family and discerning neighbors approve owing to its designed Elegance! Clean lines and a smooth premium finish. No ugly stubs, traps, coils, unsightly elements, or 100s of radials to mess with or get caught in the lawn mower. Your loved ones and neighbors see an aesthetically pleasing Flagpole, you see a Flagpole Antenna; your ticket to 160-6M Real DX.

"So pretty she let me install it in the garden!" Have you ever heard this about a Ham Radio Antenna, ever? We think not.

Customer Review Quotes:

  • "Highly Recommended for HOA and CC&R Restricted Ham Radio QTHs." 

  • “So pretty my DX Flagpole Antenna is allowed in my wife’s garden! In the GARDEN!”

  • "4 Band DXCC this summer with my 20' DX Flagpole from my HOA!"

  • "Clean Sweep in November Sweepstakes with my DX Flagpole!"

  • "Got Indonesia (YB) this morning on 40m SSB with 100 watts. Just over 9,000 miles!"

  • "Since I added the Greyline DX Flagpole vertical antenna, I have added over 200 additions to my DXCC Challenge account. I am now right at 900 and hope to complete it in the next few months."

  • "Holds its own vs. taller competitors with no radials & is also stealth!"

  • "The other night I was on 60M and it felt just like the old days, running JA’s from Chicago in the CQWW CW with a 4-1000 Amplifier to a Quad at 80-feet!"

  • "Got Mauritania, Dodecanese, Israel, and Cypress on 80 meters and 4 bands and 3 modes for VP6R on Pitcairn. First Pitcairn since 10 Meter AM contact in the 1960s."

  • "Designed Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegant Aesthetically."

  • "So so many FT8 stations worldwide."

  • "If I can hear it, I can work it and this antenna hears well." 

Greyline Performance Antennas are Popular with Ham Radio, CB, Preppers, and DX'ers alike. The digital modes are a natural fit with the often low noise and low power requirements as well as those commercial industries that need a rapid frequency hopping (ALE) attribute. We are proud to serve Ham Radio, Survival Prep, and Emergency Communications Agencies. 

We enjoy talking radio! Write in or call us to discuss any questions you have. It’s an honor to serve you in this manner. Thank you for the opportunity.

Ham Radio is fun again! Please, pass it on...

73 Greyline Performance

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