Doug, WA2DX reviews his Greyline Flagpole Antenna, Felt Like the Old Days When I Had a Tower!


Station Details In Order from Antenna to Shack:
 20' Greyline Flagpole Antenna, ATU, Maxi RF Choke, LMR 400 Coax to shack, Radio + 500W, and a most lovely set of Install pictures.

The reception is unbelievable! Many many stations. So anyone operating FT8 will love the DX Flagpole. Performance has been beyond my expectation. - WA2DX

Doug writes: 

Just saw your recent newsletter and thought that I should update you on the Greyline Performance DX Flagpole Antenna. 

Performance has been beyond my expectation. In combination with the LDG tuner, I worked many stations during the recent SSB contest, many more stations than in previous years here in my HOA community.

This antenna does work as advertised! It felt more like the old days when I had a tower!

Installation Details: Ground Sleeve, ATU, Flagpole

Briefly, the installation was straight forward. I used a 3 foot long, 12 inch in diameter concrete form tube topped off with a formed square top section about a foot deep. This allowed enough room to mount the remote tuner next to the antenna. The coax from the house enters the PVC below ground, connecting to the balun as seen in the picture below.

Photo: WA2DX

It felt more like the old days when I had a tower. I should also mention that I am using an Acom 600S running about 500 watts without issue. Great amp!

This antenna does work as advertised!!!

Thanks, Jon, 73


PS. I would be happy to share my experience and “story.” Call sign as well. I don’t have much to add except how easy the antenna was to assemble. Also not having radials is a real benefit in an HOA community because of the relatively small lots and dealing with installing radials under St Augustine grass is a nightmare here in the South. Finally, I operate frequently on FT8. The reception is unbelievable! Many many stations. So anyone operating or wanting to operate FT8 will love the DX Flagpole. 

That’s about all. Thanks for bringing the antenna to market. 
Doug WA2DX

Adventure on the bands can feel just like the old days again at your QTH too. Want to enjoy the radio and be on the air again, like Doug here?

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