K3QZ with 311+ DXCC Countries chooses a GP20 Flagpole Antenna for his HOA


"Real DX on 160-6M with the 20' DX Flagpole Antenna. HOA neighbors are happy and Ed enjoys ham radio again!"

Ed writes: 
I would like to share some photos of my installation. It's not in the clear by any measure but I've worked Europe, east and west coast USA, and South America with 100 Watts on CW. I like it and so do my neighbors. Tnx for making a great product. It was a lot of fun installing it... 73s Ed. K3QZ

"Just worked VK3CWB on 30 CW. Long path. That's 14,500 miles from here. Running 100 Watts. Wow..."


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"Worked TZ4AM on 17 CW this afternoon. 589 sig report from him.  The flagpole works!" K3QZ 9/26/21

We checked out Ed's QRZ page for this picture and more of his story. According to this report, Ed was off the air for his career years and came back in 2004. Welcome back, sir!

"311 current entities, 7 deleted entities - all CW." K3QZ 

k3qz, ham radio, hoa, flagpole antenna, hf vertical

Reference: Ed's QRZ profile page

"Great product, fun installing it." K3QZ

"I was first licensed as WN3AXN in 1975 at the age of 13. I continued to operate as WB3AXN until 1984 (mainly CW and DX). After finishing college, I was off the air until 2004.

In 2004 I returned to the air still using my old call, WB3AXN. I had kept my license renewed over the 20 year hiatus. Even with my limited antenna and low sunspot numbers, I found that I had as much enjoyment as in the 70's. After upgrading to Extra Class in 2004, I obtained my present call, K3QZ. I still love CW and DX'ing - that makes up over 99% of my QSO's.  Currently I have 318 countries confirmed (311 current entities, 7 deleted entities) - all CW.

My station reflects my preference for Yaesu equipment.  I have a FT-1000MP as my main rig and a FT-920 and FT-897d as backup rigs.   The SB-200 is there for those challenging pileups!!   The key is an N3ZN model ZN-5.  My antennas consist of a sloping W9INN multiband dipole  (whose performance never ceases to amaze me) and several dipoles for the WARC bands. For 144 MHz and 432 MHz I use a small yagi. Nothing fancy - but loads of fun!!

Hope to see you on the bands!!

73's -- Ed K3QZ"

K3QZ's HOA Flagpole Antenna

k3qz, hoa, ham radio, flagpole antenna, hf vertical antenna, Greyline performance
Pictured: GP20 Greyline Performance 20-foot DX Flagpole Antenna and 100W remote tuner. 

This is not your ordinary Vertical Antenna.

Greyline writes: 
That's quite a clean install and if a guy with 311 countries chose this antenna, it must really work. As we have learned over the years, you do not need to be out in the wide open or over salt water for it to work exceptionally and surprisingly well for Real DX. Surely 99% of us would be happy with a ham radio station just like Ed's. Congrats, sir.

New to Ham Radio? A quick refresher on "How to set up your Ham Radio station for Real DX on all bands at Home or in an HOA?"

According to K3QZ's pictures and story (above) it as easy as.

1. Pick a pleasing spot to plant an HF Vertical Antenna at your QTH
2. Dig a little 3-4' deep hole, 10-16" diameter.
3. Pour the Quikrete and set vertical the included PVC sleeve.
4. Assemble the Flagpole Antenna, tilt it up and plant it, by sliding it into the PVC sleeve (it's a strong method that's been through hurricanes)
5. Connect the coax cable
6. Pick a band, tune the remote tuner and within a minute or less, YOU ARE ON THE AIR with a Real DX signal. Ham Radio is fun again.
k3qz, ham radio, hoa, 20' flagpole antenna, hf vertical antenna, greyline performance k3qz, ham radio, hoa antenna, flagpole antenna, hf vertical, greyline performance
Greyline writes: Pretty clean install by K3QZ of LDG RT-100 and GP20 (Greyline Performance 20' Flagpole Antenna) 


Want to work the world, just like Ed? 

This is Ed's package here: The 20' DX Flagpole Antenna "excellent for your HOA ham radio operation." and consider ordering one for your front yard too. Warning: We've had radio ops order this for the back yard, dig a hole, pour the concrete and the wife says, "honey, that looks good enough for the front yard." You'd end up moving it to the front yard too. Guaranteed that Ham Radio is fun again! 

  • "Real DX 160-6M at my HOA"
  • "4 Band DXCC in 3-months at my HOA."
  • "So pretty my XYL approves!"
  • "If I can hear it, I can work it."

Let's get you and your friends back on the air. Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...

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