Cycle 25 Peaks in 6-18 months | Get in on the Fun Ride the Ham Radio Shortwaves

Estimate Solar Cycle 25 Peak: 6-18 months away!

The sunspot cycle has already eclipsed the last one in strength, and we have anywhere from 6 to 18 months until it hits its peak. Space weather is going to be a big topic in the coming months. - Space Weather News

Solar cycle 25 graph chart January 2024

Newly licensed Ham Radio operators have plenty of time left to experience On the Air, this exciting Solar Peak uptick, then again for a few years as it subsides on the other side of 2024-25 which is sure to be a thrill ride on the amateur radio bands.

This is great news for HF radio ops wanting to get in on the Cycle 25 peak action. The high bands are incredible and Greyline owners are working station 8000+ miles away routinely and barefoot, with 100 Watts. The low bands are experiencing the winter rise in conditions as well with Europe and North America sharing darkness (required for low band fun) and reports of trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific QSO's are piling up fast during our longer nights on the spotting networks.

Get on the air quick and in style: At Greyline, we're proud to have shipped antennas the world over the past 7+ years and we've saved one just for you. Did you know your new 12-24 foot Vertical Dipole and/or Flagpole Antennas can be built and erected in under an hour? Yep, it requires only a 3' fence post hole in the ground approximately 8-16" in diameter. The Ground Support Kit is included in every shipment. The 28'er would like a 4' hole. Simple and neat. Even the HOA and XYL's approve.

Remember, Ham radio is fun again. Pass it on...


How to Order a Flagpole Antenna, checklist.


HOA Flagpole Antennas
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  • "Real DX 160-6M at my HOA"
  • "4 Band DXCC in 3 months at my HOA."
  • "So pretty my XYL approves!"
  • "If I can hear it, I can work it."


See our Greyline Buyers Check-List as another approach to understanding our Antenna Systems.

What’s Your Next DX Challenge?

Let us know your stories and achievements with Greyline antennas. Your journey is our inspiration. 

Our Mission:

At Greyline, it's our Mission to serve you by offering higher-quality products that truly enhance your Ham Radio experiences. Standing up to Hurricanes is just a bonus. Antennas that work Real DX and that the ladies can love too. Now that is smarter, stronger, and more elegant for you and your family's security. We are delighted to serve you.

Let's enjoy the adventure, together. Until next time...

73 Greyline Performance
Ph. 435-200-4902 

Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...

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