YouTube Interview by W1DED: How They Win featuring KL9A & N6MJ Two Expert Ham Radio Ops


Introducing two gentlemen and #1 World Radio Sport Team Champions, KL9A and N6MJ. These two ham radio buddies first met on the air as teen agers, became friends, and agreed to push each other to the outer limits of achievement in what's possible in Ham Radio operating. Fast forward 20+ years of achievements through agony, defeat and many World #1 wins in by way of Radio Sport (contesting) as their proving ground to attempt raising the bar alongside and against their peers (and competitors) around the world. Enjoy the interview. Drop your comments to W1DED on YouTube. Thank you. - Greyline




HOA DX Flagpole Antennas
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  • 7-Year Warranty - yes, we believe in the product this much.
  • 100% Replacement Guarantee (we want you happy!)
  • Free Shipping (well, we share our bulk discount)

Quick Assembly: Smart, Strong & Elegant

  • Greyline Antenna Package Arrives within 4-5 days
  • Everything you need to get on the air is in the box!
  • Dig a 3-4' hole, 8-16" inches in diameter
  • Build Antenna Time: Less than < 1 Hour
  • Plug in your ham radio and work your new world immediately
  • XYL-Family-Neighbors Approve of the Elegence: No unsightly trappings
  • Your Ham Radio operator will love the Real DX!

Customer Reviews for your reading pleasure:

Customers install pictures, videos, and stories 

Favorite Customer quotes:

  • It's so pretty my XYL asked me to install it in the front yard. Imagine that. The front yard! Note: This is after he installed it in the back yard :-)
  • 4 Band DXCC this summer from my HOA
  • Holds its own vs. my taller antennas and with no radials. It is also stealthy.
  • I got my DXCC in the 80s using a vertical dipole and wanted to try again from my new home in an HOA
  • Since I added the Greyline DX Flagpole vertical antenna, I have added over 200 additions to my DXCC Challenge account. I am now right at 900 and hope to complete it in the next few months.
  • 30W and a couple of hours, I worked the entire planet on FT8
  • My wife appreciates the compliments from the neighbors, and it reminds her of her Father's Flagpole. Thank you.
  • If I can hear it, I can work it. It hears very well.
  • Highly Recommended for HOA and CC&R Restricted Ham Radio QTHs.
  • So pretty my DX Flagpole Antenna is allowed in my wife’s garden. In the GARDEN!
  • Clean Sweep in November Sweepstakes with my DX Flagpole. Note: That's the entire list of USA sections; amazing.
  • Got Indonesia (YB) this morning on 40m SSB with 100 watts. Just over 9,000 miles!
  • 60M Band: The other night I was on 60M and it felt just like the old days, running JA’s from Chicago in the CQWW CW with a 4-1000 Amplifier to a Quad at 80 feet.
  • 80M Band: Got Mauritania, Dodecanese, Israel, and Cypress on 80 meters and 4 bands and 3 modes for VP6R on Pitcairn. First Pitcairn since 10 Meter AM contact in the 1960s.
  • Designed Smarter, Stronger, and with Aesthetic Elegance.
  • So so many FT8 stations worldwide.
  • If I can hear it, I can work it and this antenna hears well.
The past several years have been full of learning experiences and we remain grateful to assist hundreds of happy radio ops to experience the hobby on the bands with us. The bands are hot, join us.

Who Buys Greyline Performance Ham Radio Antennas anyway?

Greyline Performance Antennas are Popular with Ham Radio operators, CB, Disaster Preppers, Off Grid Go Kits, NVIS operations, and DXers alike, especially those in HOA communities with smaller lot lines. High quality designed also for commercial rooftops for those requiring a well engineered and highly elegant solution. The QRP and digital mode operators are a natural fit too with the low noise and high-efficiency requirements as well as those Professional industries that use rapid frequency hopping (ALE) solving requirements for the very high power installs. We are proud to serve Ham Radio, Survival Prep, Emergency Management Centers, Military, and Emcomm Agencies.

We are honored to serve you, our peers.

We are delighted to play a small role in your enjoyment of short-wave HF radio and we do hope that we inspire you to get on the air with Real DX confidence.


We offer a 4 Warranty, no questions asked. We use the honor system and know you do as well. Hey, we want you on the air and are proud to offer this 7-year service or replacement offer.


Let's rephrase this... We offer a 100% Guarantee. If your antenna becomes damaged in a hurricane or by a herd of pigs we offer our buyers club a no questions asked replacement parts or full-antenna replacement. Yep. You are welcome.
Pro Tip here is please lower the flag in the event of a storm of any kind.

We enjoy talking radio!

Write in or call us to discuss any questions you have. It’s an honor to serve you in this manner. Thank you for the opportunity.

Our Mission:

At Greyline, it's our Mission to serve you by offering higher-quality products that truly enhance your Ham Radio experiences. Standing up to Hurricanes is just a bonus. Antennas that work Real DX and that the ladies can love too. Now that is smarter, stronger, and more elegant for you and your family's security. We are delighted to serve you.
Let's enjoy the adventure, together. Until next time...
73 Greyline Performance
Ph. 435-200-4902
Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...
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